WordPress development workflow
WordPress development workflow

Achieving Seamless Theme Development and Management Through Effective Project Management


In just a year’s time, our company has undergone a significant transformation, transitioning from a traditional office-based setup to a remote team of skilled developers, designers, and support staff. Throughout this transformative journey, we have consistently delivered high-quality themes without a hitch. How did we achieve this remarkable feat? The answer lies in our utilization of exceptional project management software and unwavering discipline.

1. The Power of Effective Project Management Software

Our team’s core members have been part of our journey for nearly 13 years, since 2008. Right from the outset, we recognized the importance of using project management software to streamline our operations. While various project management solutions come with their own advantages and disadvantages, the key lies in choosing the one that aligns best with your needs.

1.1. Embracing Redmine: A Decade of Success

For over a decade now, we have relied on Redmine as our project management software of choice, and the results have been exceptional. Redmine’s customizable nature, versatility, and seamless mobile compatibility make it an invaluable tool in our daily operations. Whether it’s designing layouts, developing new features, resolving bugs, or curating content for our website, Redmine stands as a reliable and versatile platform. If you haven’t had the chance to explore its capabilities, we strongly recommend giving it a try.

1.2. A World Without Emails

At our organization, we have bid farewell to the era of email communication. Instead, we leverage project management software for every aspect of our work, even for tasks as mundane as announcing holidays or scheduling beer meetings.

2. Streamlined Theme Updates Process

Our commitment to delivering top-notch themes is evident in our weekly updates. We utilize project management software to meticulously plan the release of theme and plugin versions, with each version assigned a set of individual tasks. These versions are tagged with standard three-number codes (x.y.z) to signify their significance: X for major updates, Y for new features, and Z for minor bug fixes on the current version.

2.1. Rigorous Testing Protocols

To ensure the highest quality, each new feature or bug fix undergoes rigorous testing and verification by different team members. For instance, if Ivo develops a new feature, Patrik and/or DDJ conduct thorough testing immediately afterward. Wednesdays are dedicated to intensive testing, allowing ample time for addressing any unforeseen issues. The goal is to have updates ready for deployment by Thursday night, although the occasional delay to Friday is exceptionally rare.

2.2. Shared Understanding Across the Team

A crucial aspect of our approach is fostering a shared understanding among team members. Everyone is expected to have a general understanding of each other’s roles and responsibilities, promoting cohesion and collaboration within the team.

3. Designing Innovative Layouts

In our pursuit of excellence, we treat every layout design as a unique website project. Our process begins with in-depth research to determine the specific needs of each business or project. Our design team meticulously crafts sketches using tools like Photoshop or Affinity Designer, uploading them to our project management software for comprehensive review.

3.1. Bridging the Gap Between Design and Development

Once the design is approved, the real work begins. Layouts often necessitate the addition of new features to our Citadela theme or plugins. Our design team maintains a seamless line of communication with the developers, conveying their requirements through our trusted project management software. This ensures that every aspect of the project is well-documented and accessible to all team members.


In our journey from a traditional office-based company to a thriving remote team of developers, designers, and supporters, effective project management has been our linchpin. The choice of Redmine as our project management software has proven instrumental in our success, enabling us to streamline our processes and deliver outstanding themes consistently. Our commitment to rigorous testing, shared understanding, and seamless communication has allowed us to provide high-quality themes that exceed our clients’ expectations. As we look ahead, we remain dedicated to maintaining our standards of excellence and exploring new avenues for innovation in the ever-evolving world of theme development.

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