WordPress Dominance Unveiled: Exploring Key WordPress Statistics


WordPress, the undisputed titan of content management systems, has been a force to be reckoned with since its inception in 2003. This beloved platform, now powering an astonishing 42% of all websites worldwide, holds a plethora of intriguing statistics that shed light on its unparalleled influence. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the most significant WordPress statistics, unraveling the secrets behind the CMS leader.

I. The WordPress Ecosystem: A Multibillion-Dollar Marvel WordPress, bolstered by Automattic, its parent company, commands an impressive worth of over $3 billion. However, it is the WordPress Community Support and WordPress Foundation that complete the financial picture through donations, sponsorships, and WordCamp ticket sales. In 2019, WordPress Foundation generated a mere $7,641, while WordPress Community Support raked in a substantial $5,231,388.

II. Global Web Domination: WordPress at the Summit WordPress reigns supreme on the global stage, powering more than 293,000 out of the top one million websites worldwide. This staggering presence cements its position as the go-to choice for web development.

III. A Content Creation Powerhouse WordPress is not just about web presence; it’s a content creation juggernaut. With over 70 million posts published each month, WordPress websites are abuzz with activity. Additionally, the platform hosts a vibrant discussion, with an average of 77 million new comments posted monthly.

IV. Evolution and Growth: The WordPress Journey WordPress’s evolution is evident through its numerous updates. Over the years, it has undergone 420 version updates and witnessed 37 major releases, with each one catering to the evolving needs of its user base. These major releases, occurring every 4-5 months, introduce enhanced functionalities and features.

V. The Irresistible Allure: Continuous Downloads WordPress’s appeal remains undiminished as its latest version, 6.0, has been downloaded more than 27.9 million times, with the numbers continuing to soar.

VI. Global Expansion: Building on WordPress Daily WordPress’s popularity is on a relentless rise, with more than 500 websites being built on the platform every day. This meteoric growth underscores its widespread acceptance.

VII. A Multilingual Marvel: WordPress’s Global Reach In 2021, WordPress established its presence in 205 locales, facilitating accessibility for users around the world. Furthermore, users have the option to contribute to the translation of WordPress into their native languages, promoting inclusivity.

VIII. The CMS Giant: Dominating Market Share As of 2021, WordPress dominates the content management system market, holding a staggering 64.2% market share, making it the most widely used CMS globally.

IX. The Blogging Behemoth: 97% of Blogs Choose WordPress WordPress’s stronghold in the blogging arena is unassailable, with 97% of the global live blogs, totaling 29,078,659, running on this powerhouse CMS.

X. The Internet’s Backbone: WordPress’s Immense Reach Astonishingly, WordPress powers 42.6% of the internet as of 2021. This impressive statistic highlights its unrivaled influence in shaping the online landscape.

XI. A Universe of Choices: Themes and Plugins WordPress offers users an expansive array of options with over 9,720 customizable themes and a whopping 59,460 free plugins, enabling them to tailor their websites to their specific needs.

XII. Rating Riddle: The Plugin Paradox While the WordPress community revels in its extensive plugin library, an intriguing statistic emerges – 57% of these plugins have never been rated, and 3% have never been updated.

XIII. Staying Current: The Latest WordPress Versions Nearly half of WordPress users, approximately 44.9%, are running the latest version, 6.0. These statistics reflect the community’s commitment to staying up to date with the platform’s advancements.

XIV. The USA Leads the WordPress Charge Though WordPress enjoys global popularity, the United States stands out as the frontrunner, with 3.7 million websites hosted on this platform. Germany and the UK follow closely behind.

XV. Surpassing Twitter: WordPress’s Online Supremacy WordPress’s online clout is undeniable, surpassing even Twitter with 163 million unique visitors each month, compared to Twitter’s 156 million.

XVI. Uniting WordPress Enthusiasts: WordCamps Worldwide The global WordPress community comes together through WordCamps, which have seen 1,090 gatherings in 373 cities across 65 countries and six continents, highlighting the platform’s global reach.

XVII. A Phenomenal Audience: WordPress Monthly Traffic WordPress continues to captivate audiences, drawing in 409 million visitors who explore over 20 billion pages each month.

XVIII. Monetizing WordPress: A Booming Industry A substantial 25% of WordPress users have found ways to monetize their engagement with the CMS, with over half of theme developers earning a minimum of $1,000 per month. Developers also charge hourly rates ranging from $20 to $199.

XIX. The Security Battle: WordPress Under Siege The vast popularity of WordPress makes it a prime target for security attacks, with a staggering 90,000 attacks occurring every minute.

XX. Vulnerability Woes: A Significant Challenge Alarmingly, over 70% of WordPress installations are vulnerable to hacker attacks, a stark reminder of the importance of maintaining robust security measures.

XXI. Infection Incidence: WordPress’s Vulnerability A study reveals that 74% of infected websites were constructed using WordPress, and 4,000 of them fell victim to malware originating from counterfeit SEO plugins.

XXII. The Vulnerability Inventory: Over 28,900 Known Flaws WordPress faces an array of vulnerabilities, with 28,948 known issues. Themes and plugins contribute 472 and 4,657 vulnerabilities, respectively.

XXIII. A Historical Breach: WordPress’s Darkest Hour In 2011, WordPress encountered its most significant data breach, compromising the information of over 18 million users.

XXIV. Outdated Dangers: The Perils of Neglected Updates Outdated versions account for 56% of security attacks, underscoring the importance of timely updates for website security.

XXV. A Need for Validation: Invalid Versions Unveiled WordPress statistics reveal that among the 74 versions present in Alexa’s top one million websites, 11 were invalid, leaving these sites susceptible to security threats.

XXVI. Theme Troubles: A Vulnerability Source WordPress themes pose a security risk, with nearly 30% of security attacks originating from vulnerabilities in themes.

XXVII. Hosting Hazards: The Role of Providers in Hacks An alarming 41% of WordPress site hacks are attributed to hosting providers, emphasizing the significance of selecting a reliable host to safeguard websites from cyber threats.


As we navigate the vast landscape of WordPress statistics, one thing becomes abundantly clear: WordPress is not just a CMS; it’s a global phenomenon that has shaped the internet’s very fabric. Its influence spans far and wide, from website creation to content management, and even monetization. Yet, this immense popularity also attracts the attention of cyber threats, underscoring the need for vigilance in maintaining website security. WordPress’s journey is a remarkable one, and its impact on the digital world is undeniable, making it a CMS giant like no other.

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