Zend and the PHP Foundation
Zend and the PHP Foundation

The Birth of PHP Foundation: A Game-Changer for PHP Ecosystem


In late 2022, a consortium of leading players in the PHP domain, including Zend by Perforce, came together to introduce a groundbreaking initiative – the PHP Foundation. In this comprehensive blog post, we delve into the origins of Zend’s involvement in the PHP community, explore the rationale behind establishing the PHP Foundation, assess Zend’s role within this nonprofit entity, and examine the potential transformative impact of the PHP Foundation on the PHP ecosystem. Furthermore, we provide insights on how you, too, can become a part of this influential movement.

A Historical Perspective: Zend’s Relationship with PHP

Zend, often recognized as “The PHP Company,” traces its roots back to 2003 when Andi Gutmans and Zeev Suraski, luminaries in the world of PHP, founded the company. Their pioneering efforts significantly contributed to PHP’s evolution and widespread adoption. While Andi and Zeev have since moved on to new ventures, Zend’s commitment to PHP remains unwavering.

Beyond its founders, Zend boasts a team of dedicated developers who have made substantial contributions to PHP and various projects within the PHP ecosystem. One notable figure in Zend’s roster is Dimitry Stogov, who joined the company in 2003. During his tenure as Principal Engineer at Zend, Dimitry has left an indelible mark with over 8000 commits to PHP, including the addition of a staggering 940,000 lines of code and the removal of 580,000 lines.

The PHP community thrives thanks to diverse contributions from numerous individuals and organizations, reinforcing its vibrant ecosystem.

The Genesis of PHP Foundation

The PHP project’s magnitude and significance have long warranted the establishment of a formal, independent, and nonprofit governing body. The PHP Foundation doesn’t mark the first attempt to address this need, with prior initiatives such as the PHP Interest Group falling short. However, recent events and ideological shifts, as articulated in Roman Pronskiy’s initial announcement, have galvanized widespread support within the PHP community for the PHP Foundation.

Zend’s Ongoing Commitment to the PHP Foundation

As a founding member of the PHP Foundation, Zend is committed to sustaining its investment in PHP through both development and financial contributions. Zend, alongside fellow founding members, will play an essential role in steering PHP’s growth and improvement by holding a seat on the PHP Foundation’s governing board.

Zend will continue to contribute directly to the PHP Core project and support additional projects within the PHP ecosystem. This steadfast commitment underscores Zend’s dedication to advancing PHP’s capabilities and resilience.

Elevating PHP’s Future: PHP Foundation’s Mission

Despite its recent establishment, the PHP Foundation has garnered significant support, amassing nearly $350,000 USD in monetary contributions from 1218 teams and individuals. This influx of funding represents a turning point, providing PHP with unprecedented attention and public backing.

Beyond financial support, one of the PHP Foundation’s paramount objectives is to augment the community of active PHP developers and contributors. Over the years, PHP has relied heavily on a select group of core contributors for maintenance and improvement. With the backing of a well-funded organization, these efforts can expand, attracting fresh talent to propel PHP forward into a brighter future.

Getting Involved with PHP Foundation

You can participate in the PHP Foundation in two primary ways:

1. Donate to the PHP Foundation

The PHP Foundation is actively raising funds through its page on the Open Source Collective. There are three distinct tiers available for recurring donations:

  • Backers ($5 USD/Month): This tier is ideal for individuals looking to make a modest yet impactful contribution to the PHP Foundation’s mission.
  • Supporters ($100 USD/Month): Supporters are those willing to make a more substantial monthly commitment, demonstrating their dedication to PHP’s growth and development.
  • Sponsors ($10,000 USD/Year): For organizations and individuals with the means and desire to make a significant annual contribution, the Sponsor tier provides a remarkable opportunity to shape PHP’s future.
2. Volunteer and Contribute

Beyond financial support, the PHP Foundation welcomes volunteers and contributors eager to lend their skills and expertise to the PHP ecosystem. Whether you’re a developer, designer, or enthusiast, there are numerous avenues to get involved and play a pivotal role in PHP’s continued success.


The birth of the PHP Foundation marks a pivotal moment in the history of PHP, signaling the formalization of its governance and the promise of a brighter future. Zend’s enduring commitment, coupled with widespread community support, positions PHP for further growth and innovation. As the PHP Foundation gains momentum, your involvement, whether through financial support or active contribution, can help shape the future of PHP for generations to come. Join us on this exciting journey as we collectively propel PHP to new heights.

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