Facts about Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps in improving the website ranking on different search engines. It is a dynamic process, and digital marketing experts stay tuned for the latest and trending SEO techniques for the best result. Skipping the updated SEO methods may somewhere impact your desired results. SEO may look quite complicated, but when you explore it, things seem to be easy.

But there are a few interesting facts about SEO that people are unaware of. Here we are with some of the unknown and interesting facts about SEO. Try these

1 – Duplicate Content is Bad but not always

Plagiarism is strongly forbidden but not as much as you think. Duplicate content never decreases your website ranking as much as you think. All thanks to canonical tags that enable you to republish your write-ups on your website. You can complain or report the websites that use your content without reference, but it has nothing to do with your ranking on search engine results.

2 – Multiple Incoming Links Never Contribute to a Good SEO

Having internal links or incoming links is a good SEO practice to gain a top ranking in SERP. But do you know that links have an authority issue? If you are using multiple backlinks from irrelevant domains, you are likely to lose your rank in search engine results. Search engines prefer websites and content with quality and not quantity.

3 – Content must be Relevant

You are advised to use relevant content and do not use irrelevant content. People often add unnecessary content just to increase the word limit. Refer only to those websites that are related to your content. Things such as Page titles, Alt attribution, and subheads must be associated with the website. Keep it short and simple for your audience.

4 – Links are Handled Differently by different Search Engines

It is possible to rank high in SERP without links. The biggest search engine in Russia, Yandex does not consider links while ranking the website. Google also prefers to rank those websites on top that are helpful for the users rather than links.

5 – Object Detection in Images Plays an Important Role while Ranking

Try adding object detection in images to enhance your website ranking. Search engine algorithms can easily identify the objects in the image, so try adding them for better ranking. Images with titles and alt tags are traditional SEO practices but now object detection also plays an important role in ranking.

6 – A Video on the Homepage is something you can’t Miss

The audience prefers videos rather than boring content. Today Youtube has managed to be the second-largest search engine in the world. Video advertising and marketing are also increasing rapidly, so to ensure heavy traffic on your website, insert or embed a video as soon as possible. Research and studies show that videos have 41 times higher CTR (click-through rate) than text. Videos will definitely increase your website ranking and traffic.

These are some of the interesting and lesser-known facts about SEO. Some of you might already know it, but the ones unaware of it must try it for the best result. We recommend you follow the trending and latest SEO practices for higher ranking. SEO is a gradual process and won’t show the result overnight. Contact a reputed digital marketing company for quality SEO services.

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