Foreignerds Inc. always works towards designing, SEO, analytics, and website development amongst many other services. One of the top Outsourcing Companies in India, we are completely focused on providing every business with cutting-edge technology. Every website and application developed by our company is based on market trends and the latest technologies.

Here are 7 of the applicational services that we create to give your company a technological edge over the competitors.

Open Source Developmental Service

Owing to the scalability and flexibility open-source software provides to an e-commerce company, it is gaining recognition all around the world. Foreignerds Inc. has an entire team of expert open-source developers that have extensive knowledge of software like Shopify, open-source, Joomla, and others. Our team is quite experienced in the development of PHP applications such as multilingual and multi-currency supported shopping websites, E-learning, and more. There is a specialized team that works towards the implementation of CMS (Content Management Systems), Community Networking, and Blog Websites like Joomla and WordPress with unique functions and designs. We;

  • Develop every type of open-source software
  • Manage everything from the start till the end
  • Hold responsibility for maintenance
  • Deliver 24*7 support related to every concern and query

Software Development Services

We have an entire team of software developers that hold expertise in the delivery of Mobile Application Development Services and MEAN Stack Development Services. If you are a business looking for these services, our team of developers would help you create the website that you want. Our team has already created a thousand websites with the help of the latest technologies using specific programming languages. Our company provides one of the React Native App Development Services in USA with the assistance of different skill sets of programming. Our development services include –

  • Application as well as web development
  • Designing and prototyping
  • Re-engineering and migration
  • 24*7 support service

Mobile Application Development

A large number of potential customers and users use digital platforms through their mobiles only. This makes it important for every business to create an application that is user-friendly and easy to navigate. It should also be suitable for every platform like Microsoft, Android, and IOS. We have great experience in creating the best mobile applications in India. The services include –

  • Support and maintenance
  • Development of applications that run smoothly, irrespective of the platform
  • Customer support service related to the application

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Website Development Service

The team at Foreignerds has years of experience in the delivery of web designing services. This team includes people with a creative mindset and the ability to develop a website that makes your business visible on every digital platform possible. Our designers are well-versed in designing, planning, gestating, and delivering all the projects on time. The consistency of our designers makes us a great choice for those businesses that want to grow.

Database Services

The team of database developers at Foreignerds is completely equipped with new technology and trends. Apart from that, our developers are also experts in multitasking to deliver all the services on time. Tasks like testing the products and then documenting them in the correct format are done by our database developers.

Payment Gateway API Developmental Services

When a business decides to take its products and services online, one of the most important aspects to be kept in mind for smooth workflow is an encrypted and secure payment gateway. Our team of experts develops such kind of payment gateways that keep the data of your customers completely safe. These gateways also ensure that the payment process is seamless and customer loyalty is increased. Our development team is an expert in the creation of secure payment gateways like PayPal and Google Pay for your newly launched website.

Online Support Team

Everybody knows that an online support team is the backbone of an efficient website. Just like your customers, our company provides a team of technicians and support providers to remove bugs and maintain the website. The team has expertise in supporting every type of website. If you are looking for small tasks like inventory updates or data entry, our team would get them done without taking too much time.

Foreignerds Inc. works continuously towards contributing to the creation of a business with values and technology. The technical expertise and short turnaround time of our team believe in delivering tailor-made solutions to your business.

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