With mobile phones becoming an intrinsic part of everybody’s life, the app market has been recording a boom in the number of mobile applications. From shopping to paying bills online, from tracking fitness to finding routes to destinations, everything is just a few taps away now. Every other day, millions of apps are being uploaded on Google Play and App Store, and with advancements in technologies, there is still so much more that can be achieved. Well, here are a few mobile application ideas that we feel can be game-changers in 2021:

On that note let’s take a look at some new mobile app ideas:

  • Talking camera for blind people. An application that uses the phone camera to analyze the real-world scenario and then uses its artificial intelligence technology to create a real-time audible experience. This application will work on the same concept as Microsoft’s Seeing UI which is an artificial intelligence application. Just like Seeing UI, this app could also read texts, barcodes, and features of a person next to you. Unlike Seeing UI this app should be released on both Android and ios platforms.  Get the ui ux services here.
  • An application that’ll use your phone’s camera to take a scanned photo and based on that picture the app creates a digital projection of yours and will suggest the best outfit in real-time. Although many applications do that, the distinctive property of this application will lie in its accuracy.
  • A voice-modulating application that’ll work whenever you receive a call. To do this, an application will have to work continuously with the phone application and that’s an issue that occurs with all the voice-modulating apps on any platform. None of these apps work as of now, but it will be cool to have one in the market.
  • A meal planning application can be befitting for users worldwide. This application will suggest suitable meals considering the ingredients you have on your shelf, in real-time.
  • A fun application that uses the phone camera to record a video and simultaneously imposes it on any YouTube video. It can be described as an amalgamation of a camera app and a motion-tracking tool.
  • An automated transcription tool could be one of the best applications right now. Think of an app that can transcribe any audio or presentation and transcribes it in real-time. After the presentation or call is ended, it’ll save the transcript in a folder in your system or phone.
  • An application to connect NGOs in a particular area with any local volunteer present in that particular area.
  • Suppose there’s an application that can freeze your entire phone once it’s stolen. For an application to do that, it must be able to survive the factory data reset and once it’s activated, it’ll unlock the phone only by a password that’s set by the owner.
  • An application that can sow all the happening places and events in a parameter set by the user. It then uses machine learning technology to come up with events according to the user’s preference.
  • For all the food lovers out there, an application uses machine learning technology to recommend the best place for a user to eat. Via machine learning, it’ll understand the ordering patterns and favorite food or cuisine of the user and suggests discounts and the best nearby place to have it. It’ll also update the user about upcoming food festivals that features his favorite food and cuisine.
  • An application that links with a device that’s placed inside a car and via Bluetooth the device connects with the phone. Now, this device tells any mechanical fault in your car and updates on your mobile phone.
  • Artificial intelligence-based psychotherapy applications can be beneficial for a lot of users out there. By using machine learning, this application will come up with well-constructed counter-questions to the user’s issues. This application will be restricted to those who take a subscription and the packages will be divided on an hourly basis.
  • For all the students, professors, scientists, and engineers, an application that can identify a particular formula would be cool. This application will run on machine learning and using its database, it’ll identify any mathematical formula and tell the user exactly what they’re using.
  • If we’re talking about an application that can identify a mathematical formula, then it won’t be wrong to think about an application that reads the photo of an outfit, book, or anything of materialistic value and tells the user about the nearby stores from where they can buy it.
  • An application that can act as a virtual assistant for your home or workspace. This application will use its artificial intelligence technology and will work as a centralized system for your home. Unlike Google Home and Apple Pod, it’ll have a fair bandwidth.

These are some of the few mobile application development trends that are likely to grow, even in the coming year and the future as well.

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