Just another day while I was working on my laptop using Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Docs and several other apps and services provided by Google, I was interrupted without any prior notice..by Google itself! I lost connection and refreshed several times till I failed to restore the connection for accessing the Google Doc on which I was working.  I restarted the laptop and I failed to view the Google Doc. Shockingly, I called my senior to inform her that I cannot log in to Gmail and I got to know that at the same time around 5.30 pm today i.e. 14.12.2020 Google suddenly went down temporarily and all the services were shut down for about an hour.

Recommendations –Google to Rollout a Core Algorithm Update December 2020

Yes, it happened with many of us whether we are working from home or the office when almost it was time to submit our day end reports, all the services and apps provided by Google were not accessible and failed to operate. Many businesses might have hampered, while some got ‘’time-off’’ to refresh. However, as of now, no information is available online at search engines, news channels or social media pages.  This move by Google surely came as shocking ‘’surprise’’ and became the most talked about topic of discussion amongst employees next to the Coffee machines at workplaces.

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