On December 3, 2020; Google decided to roll out a new algorithm update. They announced about the same and their guidance about this new update was the same as ever. In the calendar year, this is the core algorithm update by Google.

Google tweeted about it saying that this is the December 2020 Core Update. It was rolled out around 1 pm. It has advised all those who were negatively impacted due to old algorithm updates. They offered a list of questions that people should consider in case they are hit by the core update.

Why Care About a New Core Update?

As soon as Google updates the search ranking algorithm, it will change the way your site responds in the search results. If you know when Google rolls out a core update, it gives you some time to put things into perspective. You will be able to see if something changed on the site or anything Google changed during its ranking algorithm. If you know that today Google is rolling out a core algorithm update, it will help you keep an eye on the rankings and analytics.

Impact – Negative or Positive?

Sites have been negatively impacted in the future due to core updates rolling out. If a site does not do anything concrete to optimize the content, the results will always reflect at the end. A site will always gain or drop any search rankings. It all ultimately depends on the content’s relevancy. If the content is relevant, your site rankings will move up. On the other hand, if the content is irrelevant, the site rankings will go down. For example, if you are adding up content about business, it should be focused on remote working to improve ranking. You always have to reassess the content to match with the new core algorithm.

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