Reasons Why Xamarin is Ideal Choice for Enterprise Development
Reasons Why Xamarin is Ideal Choice for Enterprise Development

Developing applications that seamlessly run on multiple devices is a significant challenge for enterprises. Choosing between native development and cross-platform app development adds another layer of complexity. In the realm of cross-platform development, one must decide whether Xamarin is the optimal choice or if other alternatives better suit their needs.

The Rise of Xamarin in Enterprise Development

More than 28% of Fortune 500 companies prefer to enlist Xamarin developers, indicating a substantial presence in the market. This surge can be attributed to Microsoft’s acquisition of Xamarin, which significantly elevated its standing in the app development industry. Xamarin app development services have become a prevalent trend for enterprise applications.

Unveiling Xamarin for the Uninitiated

For those unfamiliar with Xamarin, it’s a cross-platform development tool that enables the creation of mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows, utilizing the C programming language, .NET Framework, and Microsoft technologies. Remarkably, over 80% of enterprises have opted for Xamarin for their business applications, attesting to its popularity.

What Sets Xamarin Apart for Enterprise Application Development?

1. Write Once & Use Everywhere

Xamarin utilizes the C# programming language, allowing developers to write code in one language that can be translated into apps running on various platforms. The static type checking of C# ensures error-free code, contributing to its reputation as a robust programming language. C# integration with the .NET framework enhances compatibility with Xamarin, providing access to iOS and Android SDKs.

2. Simplification of Cross-Platform UI Designs with Code Shareability

Xamarin achieves a remarkable 90% code shareability through Xamarin.Forms components. This enables developers to apply UI code and design uniformly across different mobile platforms, streamlining the development process and ensuring high-quality app performance.

3. Easy Testing of Apps

Xamarin.Forms facilitates writing one code for all platforms, simplifying the testing process. Xamarin Test Cloud further enhances testing capabilities, allowing developers to test mobile apps on different platforms efficiently. The Test Recorder records user interaction, aiding in UI application testing.

4. Lower Development Cost

Xamarin’s proficiency in C#, .NET framework, and cross-platform development helps reduce development costs. While some scenarios may involve device-specific requirements, over 50% of applications can benefit from Xamarin’s cost-effective development approach.

5. Flexible Integration

Xamarin offers flexible integration, supporting various programming languages for platform-specific applications such as Objective C, Java, and Swift. This flexibility allows users to easily add new features while maintaining compatibility with different operating systems.

Technical Advantages of Xamarin

In addition to the aforementioned features, Xamarin offers various technical advantages, including native platform integration, various code signing and exchange options, application loader, Google emulator manager, storyboard files, custom controls, diagnostic tools, Visual Studio integration, PCL and Android SDK manager.


Xamarin, as a versatile cross-platform app development service, stands out as an ideal choice for enterprise app development. Its reputation for providing robust, flexible, and cost-effective solutions makes it a preferred platform for enterprises. However, to fully leverage the potential benefits of Xamarin, it’s crucial to engage experienced Xamarin app development services, such as those provided by The One Technologies.

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