When you run a machine, you must have noticed that whether you have a mobile phone, a computer, or microwave oven or washing machine in your home, you see some instructions there that are usually in graphical form. When you give these instructions to a computer or machine using a mouse, keyboard, touch screen or your hands, communication is established between you and the machine. In other words, if you and your machine have a conversation, then the means that is used to establish this conversation is called the user interface. The UI is also called Human Machine Interface (HMI).

Currently, the user interface provided to run mobile phones and computers is primarily your operating system which provides you with a graphical user interface. It includes touchscreen interface with digital buttons in your smart phones or physical buttons on your keyboard and mouse through which you can give commands to your computer for seamless operation.

Operating Systems is system software that means that the operating system controls all the internal activities of your computer and provides you with an interface to the user. The operating system controls computer resources such as computer memory, central processing unit, hard disk, or other software of the computer so that it can easily operate the computer. This is the first program that takes the main memory of the computer from the room after the computer is switched on. This process is loaded in what is called booting.

Types of User Interface


GUI is a fully developed graphical (UI) user interface as showcased in its own name. It is completely based on the graphics of (OS) operating system, i.e. you may provide input to the PC through your Keyboard or mouse. The interface you are provided is graphical or there are some menus with all sorts of buttons. This is a really easy interface that anyone can work with the intro of the graphical (UI) user interface.

Web User Interface

It is also a GUI in which the web page is designed in a way that when it accomplishes a user’s objective through the website, its result is extremely amazing. The layout or interface of your website page is the most crucial element of your site.

Touch Screen Interface

Touch screen interfaces are an indispensable part of smartphones, tablets and ATMs where anyone touch the screen, provides input and the machine provides one the accurate results.

Command Line Interface

It involves typing a command string through the keyboard and inputting it into a computer and you see its output on the computer monitor.

Hardware User Interface

In-home appliances are commonly used in the home, any command you give to the hardware through the switch, touch screen or through the buttons is given through the hardware user interface and it simplifies running any of your machines.

Tips On How To Improve User UI Design

Expert web designers providing UI Services in the USA offer some invaluable tips that can enlighten and guide you to enhance your UI design, making it more appealing and interactive.

System status information: Users should always know what is on the screen. They can make any changes on the system screen according to their own needs and preferences.

Easy to Understand design connected to the real world: UI designers should keep in mind what kind of design they are creating and how satisfied will the user be? If you create a design difficult to understand, it’s of no use. Hence, you should always try to make your design connected to the real world and make it as practical and seamless as it can be.

Users can control it: Allow your users to take any decision according to their views and if they commit mistakes, those errors and mistakes can be easily undone letting them come back to the previous place. This provides effective control to them facilitating getting the best experience.

Fix all mistakes: While making the design many times, we forget that there may be some mistakes in it. We do not find faults in it before finalizing it so that it can be corrected. You should take care to fix any mistake after designing.

Ease of use: You have to take care that your user does not get lost while using it. For this, you have to simplify the present UI design with easy to understand language.

Design with a simple look: Simplicity never goes out of style. The design you build should look easy. If you put a lot of design in it, it doesn’t look good. Hence, keep this in mind while making designs.

What is The UI in Mobile Or Smartphone?

The mobile user interface is the user interface of the mobile device, with menus, features icons, and options designed by the mobile company for a better experience.

Nowadays, various mobile manufacturers provide custom UI that gives a personalized experience. The Custom UI offers a completely different experience than the stock Android that comes before and offers the option to customize it more.

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