What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? How is it different from Machine Learning?’ As we have seen in most of the sci-fi movies, Artificial Intelligence is not confined to robotics. On the contrary, it has a wide spectrum and machine learning is a part of it. Even though machine learning is an integral part of AI, it has a separate identity of its own. In today’s digitized world, where the internet is one of the most important technologies and is used as one too, Artificial Intelligence is a significant leap towards challenging the potential of web development. Artificial Intelligence is simply a system that’s intelligent enough to react to external stimuli, remotely like a human being. If we think about this very definition, we’ll now have in our minds, a variety of products in the form of software and mobile applications that have AI integrated into their program.

Machine learning, on the other hand, is the process to make a particular system expert in a stipulated field with the help of a designated algorithm. Suppose there is a computer system and a developer wants it to recognize his dog. For that, he’ll install an algorithm having details about different breeds, feeding with it, and photos of different dogs from different angles. Now, the computer can recognize his user’s dog using his camera, but if he brings a cat in front of it, he fails miserably. This is where AI has leverage over machine learning. AI is different than just making a system mug up a piece of particular information. It’s like giving the system a new brain altogether. Let’s discuss some points in this respect to better understand both aspects of web development.


Although machine learning is a narrow aspect compared to AI, it has many applications both in day-to-day activities and other technical activities. If we understand the point further using a couple of examples, let’s take Google for example. Google is a company that has integrated both Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologies. Speaking about the former, Google Translate is a prominent example of Google Engaging with Machine LearningBefore google translate came to light, it was just a thought that any application could understand a foreign language and translate it into one’s native language. But Google Translate not only met this challenge but also came up with a technology that could understand the style of written text and reply to it according to the user’s command. Not only Google Translate there are many applications like handwriting recognition software.

  • How is Artificial Intelligence shaping the future?

Now that we’ve come down to Artificial Intelligence let’s take a look at its latest trends. Let’s take the cell phone manufacturing company Apple for instance. It surely makes one of the best technologically advanced smartphones. An iPhone, its voice assistant Siri is a beautiful example of AI. iPhone was the first smartphone with a voice assistant and that too inbuilt in its software. So the real question here is, ‘What came into Steve Jobs that he came up with such an idea?’ Having a smartphone with a voice assistant was the need of the demography back then, not was it a perpetual issue. So what was it? I was the curiosity of a human being to explore the depth of present-day technology. As soon as the internet was invented, people witnessed that they could do so much with their capabilities and now with the internet at their disposal, they can achieve anything they want. This very motivation fueled up the idea of web development which gradually led us to create bionic equipment, humanoid robots, drones, and much more.

Artificial intelligence not only eased the process of web development but promoted breakthrough projects like Google Brain. Google Brain is a deep-learning artificial intelligence research team formed in the 2010s with the sole purpose of enhancing present-day technology and solving current technological setbacks. One of the most interesting projects of Google Brain was the Artificial-intelligence-devised encryption system. Under this project, Google Brain ran a couple of experiments that involved two sets of AIs who would devise their own cryptographic algorithms to protect their communications from another AI. The catch in this scenario was that they weren’t given specific instructions about the encryption of their messages. This breakthrough is yet to be confirmed but we can fathom the fact that artificial intelligence is shaping the future in a way that we can never imagine. And humans are Engaging with AI and Machine Learning frameworks now more than ever.

This shows our progressive nature and throws light on our dynamic thought process which makes us adaptive to the changing environment. If we take a closer look at it, both technology and humans are approaching the future together and that’s because of the curiosity we were born with.

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