On-page SEO is an integral part of digital marketing where individual web pages are optimized to make sure that they rank high and gain organic and relevant traffic in the search engines. It refers to HTML source code and content of the page which can be optimized.

The Relevance of On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is essential for the search engines to analyze the website as well as its content so that a searcher can reach that website if it matches his query. Google updates its algorithm continuously to understand the intent of every searcher and deliver those results that match that intent. This is the reason why SEO services in USA are so famous. Every business that has an online presence requires on-page SEO to become a part of the rat race and win. SEO services in USA know how to get that done for you.

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4 Essential Extensions

If you are looking to improve your rankings, measure the online metrics, and track the performance of your website, learn about four of the essential extensions that would boost your on-page SEO. Although there are plenty of extensions available to improve your SEO performance, there are some that offer so much. With the help of these extensions, you can build a better digital footprint and improve the efficiency of marketing operations –

  1. Canonical URLs: This SEO tool helps in the elimination of duplicate content from your website as well as improve the crawl capability of every web page with the use of canonical meta tags. This extension comes along with some useful features that would allow you to add more tags to your pages, products, and categories. These features also help in the improvement of relevancy with other pages which ultimately boosts your on-page SEO. Once you have installed this extension to the store, add the canonical tags to the custom URL, storefront, or store view to set up an authoritative version of the website.

  2. Image Alt Tags Extension: When we talk about alt tags, they are an important part of your on-page SEO. They help in the creation of accurate content and description of the images so that the search bots and crawlers can index your images on the search engine. Alt tags are also beneficial for visually impaired users as they can find the website images with the help of screen readers.

  3. Meta Tags & Templates: Meta tags play an important role in improving your ranking on Google. Since you have to add the meta tags yourself, most of you have been probably ignoring them because of time. If you want to make this process simple and quick, use the extensions like SEO meta tags as they have automatic features that cut down your time.

  4. XML and HTML Sitemap Generator: Sitemap is a document that communicates the list of pages on your website to Google for indexing. This process makes the web pages easily discoverable, especially when your website is full of content.

Business owners’ main objective is to appear at the front search page of Google. Through these easy-to-use extensions, you would be able to accomplish the same. Contact Foreignerds Inc. to know more.

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