We might be surprised by what Google is up to in 2022. It seems that every year, the search engine giant rolls out new changes and improvements for its users. If you want to be on top of your game, you need to learn about these updates now. After all, it’s better than discovering how they affect your rankings five years from now! So let us take a look at some of the things that Google has planned for 2022.

Google’s RankBrain algorithm learns fast

RankBrain is one of the most interesting developments in recent times. It is not just an algorithm update but rather a machine learning system that reads and processes signals across different platforms including structured data, unstructured text, voice search, etc. The goal of RankBrain is to make the process of ranking more intuitive by taking into account fairly new signals which were previously ignored or filtered out.

However, there are some issues with RankBrain which will need sorting out in 2022. First off, Google’s machine learning system works extremely fast and can read millions of pieces of data within a fraction of a second. However, the tough part is that it learns so much so quickly that what’s learned may not be 100% accurate when put to test when the user actually uses the algorithm in real-life situations. This necessitates further filtering and updating in order to ensure that bias is minimized and algorithms perform well in all scenarios. Google hopes to achieve this by 2022 and we can expect to see a more refined RankBrain then.

Google wants to give website owners and content producers a better insight

If you thought that Google was only interested in the metrics and signals which determine how websites rank, you will be surprised. In fact, they want to develop something called as Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines (SQEG) by 2022. What these guidelines will do is provide insights into Google’s ranking process. This means that website owners and marketers would finally know exactly what kind of content works best for them, along with the signals Google takes into consideration when determining rankings. The goal is not just transparency but also to improve search results overall which can benefit everyone involved.

We may soon see more accurate review counts and dates on SERPs

There has been much debate over whether or not review counts and the dates on SERPs should include those from third-party platforms as well as those marked as “not recommended.” If you have been following all these updates closely, you would know that Google has started to take a much more comprehensive approach when it comes to reviews.

So it will come as no surprise if we see a much more accurate figure of review counts in 2022 across all platforms including trusted third-party sites. What’s more? We may even be able to see the actual date for each online business listing which can help users make better decisions about whether or not they want to visit or buy a product within the business.

What is your take on Google’s future updates and new developments? Let us know in the comments section below!

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