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SAP® Block of Hours
Support Services

We offer SAP® Block of Hours Support Services. As a prominent SAP development company, we have a team of over 2,800 experienced developers who possess deep domain knowledge and technical expertise. Our goal is to provide exceptional SAP solutions through our convenient and cost-effective support services.

SAP Partner BoH Support

  • Programming (Technical) Support
  • Non-Programming (Functional) Support
  • Implementations & Integrations
  • DevOps Support
  • Setup & Configuration
  • Bug Fixes & Troubleshooting
  • Migration & Updates
  • Application Support

We Have Skilled SAP® Developers

As certified partners of SAP, we take great pride in our unwavering commitment to excellence. We empower businesses across the globe by harnessing the power of SAP software technologies, equipping your platforms with the necessary tools, features, and functionality to drive your business forward.

SAP Implementation Services

We ensure a seamless implementation process for SAP software, collaborating closely to design a tailored SAP implementation plan that aligns with your unique business objectives, key challenges, and requirements.

SAP Configurations & Customizations

Our team specializes in configuring bespoke SAP software settings, applications, and user experiences. We create customizable dashboards, graphs, forms, reports, layouts, and other extended functionalities to cater to your specific needs.

SAP Process Integrations

Our experienced SAP integration developers streamline data collection and eliminate redundancies by integrating all on-premise and third-party applications, ERPs, CRMs, databases, websites, and more.

SAP Application Management

With our dedicated team of developers, your enterprise SAP ERP environments receive effective maintenance, enhancement, and management. We take charge of managing your preferred SAP ERP applications, ensuring optimal performance.

SAP Migration & Updates

Leveraging SAP tools, we facilitate smooth migration of your business processes to public cloud environments. Additionally, we provide regular updates to your existing software systems, ensuring they remain up-to-date and efficient.

SAP Maintenance & Support

We deliver seamless SAP upgrades, maintenance, and support services without causing disruption. Our team promptly addresses any bugs and installs software updates regularly, ensuring you fully leverage the benefits of all SAP functionalities.

Foreignerds SAP® Service Offerings

As an officially certified provider of SAP services, we assist businesses in migrating their workflows to the SAP platform, enabling the automation of SAP operations on cloud infrastructures such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and other reliable platforms. Our aim is to ensure the highest standards of agility, efficiency, and security throughout the process.

SAP Cloud Operations

Through the implementation of the SAP cloud-based ERP platform, we deliver a seamless cloud experience, empowering your business with the flexibility and competitive advantage it needs to thrive in today’s dynamic market.

SAP Cloud Migrations

We specialize in migrating all types of SAP landscapes to public cloud environments, including traditional ERP solutions, S/4HANA, SAP PI/PO, SAP BW/4HANA, and SAP Business Suite HANA solutions. Our expertise guarantees a smooth and efficient transition.

SAP Hosting & Management

With our on-demand SAP infrastructure hosting and management services, we take care of overseeing the availability, capacity, performance, and other technical and administrative aspects of your SAP systems. You can rely on us for seamless and reliable operations.

SAP Disaster Recovery

Our disaster recovery and backup solutions ensure the continuity of your business and facilitate the complete recovery of your mission-critical systems within the SAP business platform. We prioritize the security and stability of your operations.

SAP Solution Manager

Implementing the Change Request Management (ChaRM) functionality, we provide organizations with a dependable tool for managing functional changes to their SAP platform. You can trust us to streamline and optimize your change management processes.

SAP Data Volume Management

To assist businesses in effectively managing high data volumes, we offer SAP DVM services. Our comprehensive approach ensures that your business’s data archiving needs are met, providing a practical and tailored solution.

SAP HANA Services

Our leading SAP development company ensures the secure operation of your SAP HANA processing platform across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. With our services, businesses can efficiently access data throughout their entire organization, enabling quick decision-making.

SAP HANA Cloud Integrations

We specialize in seamlessly integrating the SAP HANA Cloud system with your proprietary and third-party applications. This integration results in a scalable system that provides enhanced insights and reporting capabilities.

SAP HANA Development & Analytics

Utilizing best practices, we offer the opportunity to build applications that incorporate business logic, control logic, and a high-performance database layer. This approach enables unprecedented performance and analytics capabilities.

SAP HANA Implementation

As an addition to your current ERP system, we install and implement SAP HANA into your proprietary business platform. This implementation includes the transfer of all capabilities, ensuring a smooth transition.

SAP HANA App Development

Leveraging the power of SAP HANA, we assist businesses in developing intelligent, real-time applications that combine analytics and transactions. These applications can be deployed on any device, empowering users with valuable insights.

SAP HANA Migrations

We streamline the migration process to SAP HANA and upgrade database systems, enhancing business processes while ensuring data integrity and security are maintained.

SAP HANA Administration

Our team of developers handles routine administration and troubleshooting tasks, as well as more complex assignments like custom development and reporting. We provide comprehensive support to keep your SAP HANA system running smoothly.

SAP HANA Customization & Configuration

We offer customization and configuration services tailored to your specific business needs, industry requirements, and desired speed and scalability. Our goal is to optimize your SAP HANA platform for peak performance.

SAP HANA Support & Maintenance

We are dedicated to keeping your SAP HANA system up-to-date and in optimal condition. Our team regularly fixes bugs, performs system upgrades seamlessly, and ensures compatibility with new releases and maintenance revisions.

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