SEO Techniques to Increase Organic Traffic

As you look forward to 2021 with new hopes and dreams, it is also important to consider your website. You may have already worked through the basics but there are a few SEO techniques in digital marketing to help grow the organic traffic for the website.

Here are the top 10 SEO trends 2021 will require to improve the performance of your website. These trends will become part of your core SEO strategy 2021. If you work on them, the traffic and visibility for the website can be significantly improved. Let’s have a look at them –

  1. Best Performing Pages of Your Competitors

If you know about the SEO strategy of your competitors, you can definitely improve the performance of your own website. Take some time and figure out how and what is working out for your competitors. Analyzing the top pages by your competitors would help you find –

  • Keyword and content gap
  • Link gap
  • Keyword cannibalization (if more pages on your website have the same target keyword)
  • Opportunity for content improvement
  1. Use Keyword Gap Analysis to Inform the Content Strategy

If you want to create a content strategy as a part of SEO techniques and tools, always focus on –

  • Optimization of an existing website – This is one of the most effective techniques. It is easy to improve the already-existing content. At some point, all your pages would be optimized

  • Creating new content – This is another step that you should consider. But remember to be careful while creating new content. You should always be clear about the purpose of the content. Plan out the content strategy carefully and create new content.

If you use keyword gap analysis, it would help you check out the keywords that are used by your competitors but not you. Fill in the gap by using those keywords in your topics.

  1. Use Digital PR for Authority Backlinks

One of the biggest challenges for SEO is to earn the authority backlinks. Creating backlinks is one of the most important factors for Google ranking. Although there are multiple link building strategies, it is still difficult to scale these strategies.

One of the best tactics is to use digital PR. Think of it in this way – if you are creating and promoting the content to publishers, they would want to cover and link in their articles.

This content will include –

  • Research studies
  • Infographics
  • Expert insights
  • Tools and calculators

Digital PR is about promoting assets through an outreach strategy. Apart from authority backlinks, digital PR is also helpful in –

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Driving traffic
  • Creating social engagement
  • Generating sales
  • Putting yourself in front of the customers
  1. Improve Organic CTR through PPC Testing

Click-Through Rate is considered as a ranking factor. Your site’s CTR gets affected by meta description and title tag. You can keep both of these under control but you still don’t know which meta description or tag would deliver high CTR. For that, you have to put them to test through PPC. You can upload a budget and set up ads to test the results for different descriptions and titles. If you have sufficient clicks on the ads, you can rewrite the descriptions and tags to improve the organic CTR.

  1. Optimization of “People Also Ask”

One of the latest SEO trends 2021 would observe is the utilization of “People Also Ask”. Search engine result pages (SERP) with this trend has increased by about 40% for mobile as well as desktop. In case you are not familiar with what “People Also Ask” is, it is the set of questions that appear on the SERPs. You should pay attention to it because –

  • It helps you rank twice on a single page
  • It helps you appear prominently on top of the SERP
  • It might come across as useful in answering the questions that Google might find difficult to interpret.
  • Steal the Broken Backlinks of Your Customers

It is not easy to build good-quality backlinks. So, if you find any broken links of your competitors, use them to your advantage. You basically have to identify the broken links, create content that would fit in those links, and try to get it pointed at your content. The easiest way is to find the links that lead to 404 pages on the website of your competitors.

  1. Use the Supporting Content for Topical Expertise

For every query of the audience, Google wants to show the best results. That’s why, you need to optimize the entire topic, not only keywords. In order to rank at the top for the main keywords, you have to demonstrate topical expertise. So, it is always necessary to understand the concept of supporting content. This content adds depth to the site and shows Google why you are an expert in a particular field. Supporting content may not drive a lot of organic searches but it would help the main pages rank high.

  1. Optimization of Image Searches

In case your entire focus is on the optimization of only content, chances are that you are missing out on some of the best opportunities. When you optimize image searches, that helps increase the traffic from those sources which aren’t considered by the competitors. In today’s world, visuals are a great deal. A lot of you would probably think that image SEO is about tagging the images with alt tags. But if you want to optimize the images properly, here are some things that you should consider –

  • File names
  • Alt tags
  • Reduced file sizes
  • Resizing images to the required dimensions
  • Creation of image sitemap


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Take some time out to go beyond the basic measures that are overlooked by your competitors and watch the site succeed. Contact us today to know more about which SEO techniques are popular!

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