Analyzing the Worldwide iOS Developer Salary Landscape
Analyzing the Worldwide iOS Developer Salary Landscape

The surge in mobile application demand, particularly for Apple’s iOS-powered devices, is significantly reshaping the tech landscape. iOS stands out as the preferred operating system, contributing to a substantial 63% of the total app revenue in 2021, and this trend is expected to persist.

If you’re eyeing high-performance iOS apps, securing adept developers responsible for creating, maintaining, and updating your iOS applications becomes paramount. To aid your quest in finding the ideal destination to hire such iOS specialists, our team conducted comprehensive research, delving into their technical prowess and average salaries worldwide.

iOS Developer Salary Market Trends

The statistics from EvansData in 2019 showcased a significant presence of software engineers, with nearly half of them specializing in mobile app development – 5.9 million focusing on Android and 2.8 million dedicated to iOS. This data suggests a continuous surge in Swift app developers, substantiating the unyielding demand for iOS-based applications. The revenue figures from 2021 reinforce this narrative, with iOS app and game revenues soaring by 17.7% to $85.1 billion. Furthermore, the App Store emerged as the world’s second-largest application store, boasting approximately 2.22 million iOS-compatible apps.

The increasing popularity of iOS applications has led to a surge in demand for Swift developers worldwide. In the United States alone, platforms like ZipRecruiter, Indeed, and Glassdoor feature over 102,500, 9,000, and approximately 4,200 open positions, respectively, highlighting the dire need for skilled iOS developers.

Skills and Qualifications of Global iOS Developers

In the current landscape, iOS developers have the choice between two programming languages: Objective-C, an established language with over three decades of history known for its maturity, stability, and reliability; and Swift, a modern language introduced in 2014, characterized by its rapid evolution and an extensive array of accompanying tools. To discern their disparities, refer to the comparative table below.

Trends indicate a gradual shift in preference among IT professionals towards Swift. In the 2018 Developer Survey, Swift was favored by 8.1% of developers, with Objective-C trailing slightly at 7%. However, the 2021 Developer Survey reveals a more pronounced divergence: Swift usage stands at 5.1%, while Objective-C lags at 2.8%.

Despite the subtle rivalry between these two Apple-powered languages, a proficient iOS developer is expected to be well-versed in both. Moreover, a proficient iOS programmer typically possesses a BS/MS degree in computer science or information technology, along with a proficient command (B2-C1 level) of the English language. Their expertise extends to encompass thorough familiarity with Apple device specifications, staying updated on system enhancements, and mastery in iOS mobile landscape, design, architectural systems, and software. Refer to the comprehensive list of qualifications for iOS developers below.

Factors Affecting the Average iOS Developer Salary

Skill Set & Knowledge Base

The expertise of an iOS developer varies according to their experience level. Junior iOS developers are expected to produce quality code and exhibit a learning aptitude. Middle and senior-level roles necessitate a profound understanding of the entire app development lifecycle, advanced programming capabilities, and proficiency in UX/UI standards. Team leads, architects, and principal engineers should additionally possess team and project management skills.

Level of Experience

Job descriptions on platforms like Glassdoor and Indeed reveal that a higher level of relevant experience positively correlates with higher salaries for iOS programmers. For instance, tech entrepreneurs often seek iOS app developers with a minimum of 2 years’ experience in iOS app development and a proven track record of published apps in the App Store.

Company Size & Type

The organization an iOS developer is associated with significantly influences their salary. Larger tech corporations typically offer higher compensation packages and enhanced prospects for professional advancement.

Geographical Location

Location plays a pivotal role in determining an iOS developer’s income. Countries with well-established IT sectors, stable economies, and substantial investments often offer higher median salaries, as observed in regions like the USA, Australia, or Canada. Continue reading this article to explore average iOS developer salaries across various countries.

Key Insights into iOS Developer Salaries:

For those interested in understanding the spectrum of average iOS developer salaries across different regions, explore the data compiled by our team from credible local sources. All monetary values have been converted to US dollars using the relevant exchange rates as of July 2023.

Gross annual income, USD North America South America
Junior iOS / Swift Developer $61,000 $14,000
iOS / Swift Developer $80,000 $20,500
Senior iOS / Swift Developer $94,000 $27,500
Team Lead iOS / Swift Engineer $107,000 $37,000


Gross annual income, USD Western & Nordic
Eastern Europe
Junior iOS / Swift Developer $45,500 $20,000
iOS / Swift Developer $64,500 $40,500
Senior iOS / Swift Developer $82,000 $51,000
Team Lead iOS / Swift Engineer $96,500 $59,000


Gross annual income, USD Eastern &
Southern Asia
Middle East Africa
Junior iOS / Swift Developer $40,000 $35,500 $20,000
iOS / Swift Developer $54,000 $49,000 $27,500
Senior iOS / Swift Developer $68,500 $62,000 $35,500
Team Lead iOS / Swift Engineer $82,000 $75,000 $43,000

Median iOS Developer Salaries in North America:

United States (USA):

The US market stands out as the global leader in offering the highest average iOS developer salaries. The typical compensation for these specialists ranges between $93,000 and $163,000. Notably, California and New York present lucrative salary brackets for Swift engineers, reflecting substantial success rates.

Gross annual income, USD United States
California Texas Florida New York
Junior iOS / Swift Developer $114,000 $98,500 $93,000 $112,000
iOS / Swift Developer $136,000 $120,000 $116,500 $133,500
Senior iOS / Swift Developer $150,000 $139,000 $134,000 $148,000
Team Lead iOS / Swift Engineer $163,000 $152,000 $145,500 $160,000


In Canada, the median income for iOS developers is roughly $20,000 lower than that in the USA, ranging between $78,000 and $130,000.


iOS specialists in Mexico receive approximately four to five times less compensation compared to their counterparts in the US and Canada, with salaries ranging from $14,000 to $41,000.

iOS App Developer Average Salary in South America

Gross annual income, USD North America South America
USA Canada Mexico Brazil Argentina
Junior iOS / Swift Developer $92,000 $78,000 $14,500 $16,500 $12,000
iOS / Swift Developer $120,000 $97,000 $22,000 $25,000 $16,500
Senior iOS / Swift Developer $136,000 $115,000 $30,000 $33,500 $22,000
Team Lead iOS / Swift Engineer $150,000 $130,000 $41,500 $44,000 $30,000


Junior iOS developers in Brazil earn an average salary of $16,500, approximately five times lower than that in Canada.


In Argentina, the average annual salary for Swift developers is the lowest among the countries mentioned, ranging from $12,000 to $30,000.

Income of iOS Developers in Western & Nordic Europe:

United Kingdom:

Gross annual income, USD United Kingdom
England Scotland Wales North Ireland
Junior iOS / Swift Developer $55,000 $51,000 $49,000 $44,000
iOS / Swift Developer $74,000 $70,000 $68,000 $62,000
Senior iOS / Swift Developer $91,000 $87,000 $85,000 $79,000
Team Lead iOS / Swift Engineer $106,000 $102,500 $100,000 $96,500


In the UK, iOS app developers receive competitive annual salaries ranging from $44,000 to $106,000, with England offering the highest compensations for these professionals.

Gross annual income, USD

Germany France Italy Spain Norway Netherlands Sweden Austria Belgium
Junior iOS / Swift Developer $51,500 $42,500 $38,500 $30,000 $58,000 $50,000 $40,000 $49,000 $51,000
iOS / Swift Developer $72,000 $60,000 $56,000 $44,000 $80,000 $70,000 $58,000 $68,000 $71,000
Senior iOS / Swift Developer $91,000 $77,500 $71,000 $57,500 $100,000 $88,500 $74,500 $85,500 $90,000
Team Lead iOS / Swift Engineer $108,500 $92,500 $83,500 $70,000 $117,500 $104,000 $87,500 $100,000 $105,000


Germany: In Germany, iOS specialists command competitive salaries ranging from $51,000 to $108,000, positioning them as the second-highest earners in the region.

France: iOS developer salaries in France range between $42,000 and $92,000.

Italy: Swift developers in Italy receive compensation ranging from $38,000 to $83,000 on average.

Spain: In Spain, iOS mobile developer salaries rank among the lowest in the region, ranging from $30,000 to $70,000.

Norway: Lead iOS developer salaries in Norway peak at $117,500, marking the highest rate in Western & Nordic Europe.

Netherlands: Entry-level Swift developer salaries in the Netherlands hover around $50,000, just $1,500 lower than in Germany.

Sweden: In Sweden, iOS/Swift developer salary rates mirror those offered in France, ranging from $40,000 to $87,000.

Austria: Austrian iOS specialists command salaries nearly equivalent to their counterparts in the Netherlands, ranging from $49,000 to $100,000.

Belgium: iOS app developers in Belgium, across varying expertise levels, earn between $51,000 and $105,000.

Salary Range of iOS Developers in Eastern Europe:

Gross annual income, USD Ukraine Poland Romania Hungary Czech Republic
Junior iOS / Swift Developer $22,000 $21,000 $16,000 $20,000 $21,000
iOS / Swift Developer $46,000 $45,000 $25,500 $43,500 $44,500
Senior iOS / Swift Developer $57,000 $55,500 $36,500 $53,000 $54,000
Team Lead iOS / Swift Engineer $65,000 $64,000 $44,000 $61,000 $62,500

Ukraine: iOS developers in Ukraine command salaries ranging from $22,000 to $65,000, standing among the highest rates in the region.

Poland: Professionals specializing in Swift in Poland earn nearly the same as their counterparts in Ukraine, with salaries ranging from $21,000 to $64,000.

Romania: The compensation for iOS mobile developers in Romania significantly varies, ranging from $16,000 to $44,000.

Hungary: In Hungary, iOS mobile developer salaries average between $20,000 and $61,000.

Czech Republic: The average salary for app developers (Swift) in the Czech Republic mirrors that of Poland, ranging from $21,000 to $62,000.

Salary of iOS Developers in Eastern & South Asia:

Gross annual income, USD China Japan South Korea Singapore India
Junior iOS / Swift Developer $36,500 $52,000 $35,000 $57,500 $13,500
iOS / Swift Developer $51,000 $73,000 $48,500 $78,000 $20,000
Senior iOS / Swift Developer $63,500 $90,000 $61,000 $98,500 $25,500
Team Lead iOS / Swift Engineer $77,000 $108,000 $74,500 $118,500 $31,000

China: Professionals in China’s iOS domain receive satisfactory compensations ranging from $36,000 to $77,000 annually on average.

Japan: The average salary for Swift developers in Japan ranges between $52,000 and $108,000, considered quite respectable.

South Korea: iOS specialists in South Korea earn annual salaries ranging from $35,000 to $74,000.

Singapore: Singapore stands out as the most appealing in terms of remuneration for iOS mobile developers in Eastern & South Asia, offering salaries between $57,000 and $118,000.

India: In India, the salary for senior iOS developers averages $25,500, approximately three times lower than other parts of the region.

iOS Developer Salaries in Israel:

Gross annual income, USD Israel
Jerusalem Tel Aviv Haifa Karmiel
Junior iOS / Swift Developer $50,000 $51,000 $49,500 $49,000
iOS / Swift Developer $70,500 $71,500 $69,500 $68,500
Senior iOS / Swift Developer $87,000 $89,000 $85,750 $85,000
Team Lead iOS / Swift Engineer $104,500 $107,000 $103,500 $102,000

iOS Developer Salary in Australia

Gross annual income, USD Australia
Sydney Melbourne Perth Adelaide
Junior iOS / Swift Developer $106,000 $102,000 $91,500 $87,000
iOS / Swift Developer $130,000 $125,000 $115,000 $110,000
Senior iOS / Swift Developer $144,000 $138,500 $129,000 $123,500
Team Lead iOS / Swift Engineer $158,500 $154,000 $143,500 $137,000

Comparison of Average iOS Developer Salary and Android Developer Salary:

The choice between iOS and Android remains a significant quandary for IT enterprises, with each operating system boasting its distinct advantages and drawbacks. While iOS apps typically demand less development time, publishing on Google Play is comparatively easier for Android apps. Beyond technical considerations, compensation rates are also pivotal. According to data from local job search platforms, the usual disparity between average iOS and Android developer salaries falls within the range of $2,000 to $4,000.

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Upon selecting the ideal destination, the next step is determining a hiring method. There are primarily three options: engaging with a freelance specialist, outsourcing app development to third-party vendors, or collaborating with professional recruitment services. Unlike the former two options, the third is often deemed more cost-effective and reliable. This approach grants you a dedicated team of iOS engineers while retaining full control over the software development process, expenditures, and intellectual property.

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1: What are the countries where iOS developers receive the highest salaries?

Answer: The countries that boast the highest iOS developer salaries include the United States, with particularly lucrative rates in states like California and New York. Other nations with competitive iOS developer salaries are Germany, the United Kingdom, Norway, and Singapore, among others.


2: How does the salary of iOS developers compare to that of Android engineers?

Answer: On average, iOS developers tend to earn slightly higher salaries than Android engineers. The salary discrepancy between iOS and Android developers is usually in the range of $2,000 to $4,000, with iOS developers generally commanding a slightly higher compensation.


3: Which region is considered to have the optimal price-to-quality ratio for hiring iOS development engineers?

Answer: Eastern Europe is recognized as a region with an ideal price-to-quality ratio when it comes to hiring iOS development engineers. Countries in this region, such as Poland, Romania, and Hungary, offer quality app development services, a large talent pool, high English proficiency among IT specialists, and a western-oriented mindset, making it a compelling choice for cost-effective yet high-quality iOS development.


4: In which countries is the iOS mobile developer salary comparatively lower?

Answer: Countries where the iOS mobile developer salary tends to be lower include India, Romania, Argentina, and Ukraine. These regions typically offer more budget-friendly compensation rates for iOS developers.

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