Get More Agency Clients
Get More Agency Clients
Strategies for Client Acquisition in Your Marketing or Ecommerce Agency

Running a marketing agency comes with the inherent challenge of consistently acquiring new clients. However, it’s essential to tackle this challenge head-on to sustain and grow your agency. In this article, we will delve into eight crucial strategies that can help you secure more clients for your marketing or ecommerce agency in 2023.

Understanding the Importance of Customer Acquisition for Agencies

The necessity of customer acquisition is highlighted by the fact that 60% of agencies identify finding new clients as one of their major challenges, according to HubSpot’s 2018 Agency Growth Research Report. While acquiring clients can be a formidable task, implementing a well-structured client acquisition strategy coupled with the strategies mentioned below can alleviate your concerns about consistently attracting new clients.

Moreover, it’s pivotal to distinguish between project-based clients and retainer clients. While retainer clients offer stable income, diversifying your client portfolio with both project-based and retainer clients through a robust top-of-the-funnel approach ensures a consistent influx of leads, bolstering your agency’s stability.

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Effective Strategies for Getting More Agency Clients in 2023

  1. Build Your Online Presence: Invest in maintaining an active online presence through social media marketing, content creation, and email marketing. Having a dedicated marketing manager can ensure that your agency’s marketing remains consistent, expanding your online reach and brand awareness.
  2. Cold Outreach: While often challenging, cold outreach can yield impressive results. Leverage email, phone calls, and platforms like LinkedIn for outreach. Tailor your outreach messages with personalized introductions, value propositions, and evidence of past results.
  3. Lead Magnets: Offer valuable content, such as ebooks, white papers, and checklists, as lead magnets to gather email addresses from potential clients. This content can be exchanged for email addresses, forming a pipeline of leads for outreach and email marketing.
  4. Build Links: Focus on organic link-building to enhance your website’s authority, making it easier to rank for competitive keywords. Embrace tactics like guest posting, creating original data/research, and actively participating in online communities to establish your agency as a thought leader.
  5. Referrals: Tap into the power of satisfied clients by setting up a referral program. Offer incentives for clients to refer your agency to their network, expanding your client base while instilling confidence in new leads.
  6. Online Communities and Directories: Engage with potential leads in online communities like Facebook groups and Slack communities. List your agency in relevant directories to gain visibility and attract inquiries.
  7. LinkedIn: Utilize LinkedIn for both social media marketing and cold outreach. Run LinkedIn ads to target decision-makers and keep an active profile with consistent posts and articles to boost your visibility and credibility.

Each of these strategies plays a distinct role in your overall client acquisition approach. Implementing a combination of these strategies can lead to a consistent flow of potential clients, ensuring your agency’s growth and success. While acquiring clients can be challenging, these tactics can alleviate the pressure, enabling your agency to thrive in the competitive landscape of 2023.

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