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Twitter users often follow hashtags that relate to their interests, so social media marketers can use targeted hashtags to improve their reach among users with specific interests. In order to expand your reach among clients, you need to understand how they use social media, what their needs are, and how they’re communicating with one another. Use these handy tools to identify Twitter hashtags that are relevant to both your business and your audience. Each tool has its own strengths. However, generally speaking, a research tool can help you monitor hashtags, improve influencer outreach, discover demographic and geographic information, and gauge sentiment. With the right toolbox, you can simplify social marketing on Twitter. By researching the hashtags that are popular with your buyer personas, you can better target users who are a part of your ideal audience.

Types of Hashtags

Before we look at research tools, let’s quickly cover the different types of hashtags you may want to include in your campaign.

Twitter Hashtag Research Tools

By researching the hashtags that are popular with your buyer personas, you can better target users who are a part of your ideal audience. However, there are many tools available to help you do this. Each has its benefits and its issues, but generally speaking, you’ll want to look for Twitter hashtag research tools that can help you: discover demographics, monitor hashtags, improve influencer outreach, understand the sentiment, and locate geographic data.


Perhaps the most obvious place to look for hashtag trends is Twitter itself, though sometimes marketers forget this fact. Along with having the most accurate and up-to-date information, it’s also super convenient. Find hashtags on the left side of your Twitter screen, or use the search bar to find more insights.

Twitter Trends

By tapping into current hashtag trends, you may be able to capitalize on them and get more exposure for your tweets. And with the Twitter word count expanded to 280 characters, it could be easier to make a connection between a trending tag and your brand.


With ExportTweet, you can purchase in-depth hashtag reports for a small fee, but you can also track hashtags, see top tweets, find influencer data, and research keywords. It’s also available in a free version that provides information on the last 100 tweets. Find the demo using the site’s Try Now button. Here’s an example using the hashtag #Bitcoin:


Finding and tracking current hashtags is quite helpful with right tag, it will also help you discover the best-related hashtags for images and text. And with the site’s helpful Chrome extension, you can highlight text, or get instant hashtag suggestions when you right-click images.

Tweet Archivist

This free search tool provides real-time data from the day of your search with the number of impressions and tweets for the day. See the #contentmarketing hashtag result as an exam. Find and use trending hashtags that help in boosting your marketing tactics.


If you’re just starting out with hashtag research, Hashtagify is a great resource. Visual and simple to understand, it helps you find relevant hashtags, as well as information about a hashtag’s popularity over time, data on influencers, and information about geographic areas and languages used. Both free and paid versions are available.


Keyhole offers a free search function that’s used to gather general information. You can get real-time data such as users, the number of posts, demographics, impressions, reach, top sources, and sentiment. Here’s an example using the hashtag #marketing:


Local businesses can use Trendsmap to find hashtags in their specific area–great if you have a company that thrives from local traffic. The tools show the most popular trending topics based on geography. Though you can see this information on Twitter, you won’t get the same amount of topics you’ll see using this tool. With Trendsmap, you get local trending words, users, and hashtags.


This budget-friendly tool is perfect for small businesses or individual users. Try a free search, then upgrade to the paid plan if you so choose. The free search will allow you to see and analyze 300 tweets over a 7-day period, including impression rate, hashtag reach, sentiment, and geographic data. The paid version offers added historical data, in-depth analytics, influencer tracking, and more and start at just under $10 per month for two campaigns. You can then upgrade your plan as required.


Hashtags are quite important for successful Twitter marketing. With Facebook’s new algorithm change, you may need to focus more on your Twitter marketing. Hashtag usage is of utmost importance for Twitter, and many tools can help you track hashtags for Twitter optimization. However, some tools may be more useful to you than others. Every social media campaign has its own strategy, so the level of data you need for each will vary. Twitter hashtag trends will render great results for your campaigns. Use them to ace the digital market.

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