Influencer Marketing - the good the bad and the ugly
Influencer Marketing - the good the bad and the ugly

#1: The Influence of Influencer Marketing In today’s social media landscape, the ubiquitous presence of #ad in posts by your favorite “influencers” cannot be ignored. The staggering projection that brands are willing to invest up to $15 billion by 2022 underscores the undeniable rise of influencer marketing. As the average person spends more time on social media compared to television, it’s evident that for brands seeking to scale, ignoring influencer marketing is a missed opportunity.

The Time Spent: Social Media vs. TV

In 2021, the estimated daily time spent on social media surpassed 3 hours, while television lagged behind with just 54 minutes per day.

#2: Success Stories in Influencer Marketing Numerous household-name brands, such as Gymshark and Glossier, have embraced influencer marketing and reaped its rewards. At our agency, SV, we’ve overseen hundreds of influencer marketing campaigns for our clients. In this blog, we aim to guide you in the right direction, ensuring you avoid common mistakes while following successful formulas in the realm of influencer marketing.

Cracking the Code: Brands Like Gymshark and Glossier

Brands like Gymshark and Glossier have successfully harnessed the potential of influencer marketing. They have cracked the code and are now enjoying the benefits.

#3: Trust and Authority in Influencer Marketing At its core, influencer marketing boils down to trust and authority. A remarkable 74% of consumers cite word of mouth as a significant influencer in their purchasing decisions, according to Ogilvy Cannes. Trust is undeniably one of the most potent factors in product sales, and influencer marketing has emerged as the quickest route to enhancing trust and authority for brands.

The Power of Trust: Boosting Brand Authority

Discover how influencer marketing can swiftly bolster trust and authority, ultimately driving sales.

#4: Influencers vs. People with Influence A critical distinction exists between influencers and individuals with real influence. Vanity metrics, such as followers and engagement, play a pivotal role in this landscape. Shockingly, over 80% of self-proclaimed influencers fail to deliver results. The reason? They lack genuine influence.

The Art of Discernment: Identifying Influential Individuals

Learn how to differentiate between mere influencers and individuals with authentic influence. Understand the importance of performance data over vanity metrics in influencer selection.

#5: Post vs. Strategy in Influencer Marketing One common pitfall for brands is approaching influencer marketing with a one-post mindset. To truly harness its potential, influencer marketing requires a comprehensive strategy rather than a single post or story. A report from Whalar in 2019 revealed that 58% of people are more likely to view ads positively after seeing an influencer post.

The Power of Strategy: Crafting Effective Influencer Campaigns

Explore how influencer marketing campaigns should align with your broader strategy. Understand the significance of targeted influencer selection, employing both macro and micro influencers to convey your message effectively.

#6: #Ad vs. Authenticity The rise of mandatory disclosures like #ad and sponsorship declarations has had a notable impact on the effectiveness of influencer campaigns. Consumers are increasingly skeptical, especially when faced with influencers who repeatedly endorse various brands. Here, we delve into strategies that work and share Gymshark as a prime example.

Authenticity Triumphs: The Gymshark Approach

Discover how Gymshark, a brand worth over $100 million, has leveraged influencer-led campaigns with a focus on authenticity. By subtly integrating their products into athlete endorsements and using #ad sparingly, Gymshark has created a powerful brand presence and achieved remarkable growth.

In essence, influencer marketing is about harnessing trust and authority and directing them towards a brand—a game that Gymshark has mastered to become a world-class brand.

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