3 reasons content is still king in the age of influencer marketing
3 reasons content is still king in the age of influencer marketing

The Power of Content Marketing in a World Obsessed with Influencer Marketing

Subtitle 1: The Dominance of Influencer Marketing In the age of social media, influencer marketing reigns supreme. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian West and her family have become synonymous with the success of this marketing strategy, which relies on leveraging the trust audiences place in their favorite influencers. However, is influencer marketing truly the ultimate solution for reaching new audiences?

Subtitle 2: The Flaw in Influencer Marketing While influencer marketing has undeniably yielded impressive results, it comes with a critical drawback – you relinquish control over your brand’s message. In this section, we’ll explore the limitations of influencer marketing and why it’s crucial to retain control.

Subtitle 3: The Primacy of Content Marketing Content marketing is the unsung hero of the marketing world, often overshadowed by the glamour of influencer collaborations. Nevertheless, it is the foundation upon which successful influencer campaigns are built. We’ll delve into the significance of content marketing and why it should be your first investment.

Subtitle 4: Owning Your Message One of the standout advantages of content marketing is that it grants you full ownership of your content. Unlike influencer campaigns, where you have limited control, content marketing enables you to dictate your brand’s narrative and messaging.

Subtitle 5: Strengthening Audience Relationships and Ensuring Long-Term Viability Content marketing goes beyond just creating content; it helps your brand build authentic relationships with your audience. We’ll explore how thought leadership content and internal advocacy can deepen connections and ensure long-term success for your brand.

In today’s marketing landscape, influencer marketing has emerged as the reigning champion for expanding brand reach and engagement. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian West and other social media personalities have played a pivotal role in ushering in the era of influencer marketing as we know it today. Audiences place a tremendous amount of trust in their favorite celebrities and influencers, and brands have capitalized on this trust by collaborating with influencers to amplify their messages.

In fact, the success of influencer marketing is evident in the statistics. A 2016 survey revealed that over 80% of marketers believed that influencer campaigns significantly increased awareness and engagement for their companies. This trend has gained such momentum that companies alone spent a staggering $570 million on Instagram campaigns in the previous year. Partnering with the right influencers not only lends credibility by association but also opens doors to audiences that might otherwise remain elusive.

Subtitle 1: The Dominance of Influencer Marketing

The influence of influencer marketing cannot be overstated. It has become the go-to strategy for brands looking to establish a presence and connect with new audiences in the digital age. With the power of celebrities and influencers at their disposal, companies have witnessed remarkable results, making influencer marketing an integral part of their marketing strategies.

Subtitle 2: The Flaw in Influencer Marketing

However, beneath the surface of this marketing phenomenon lies a significant flaw – a lack of control. When you engage in influencer marketing, you are essentially entrusting your brand’s image and messaging to external partners. While you can provide input and guidelines, the final content that reaches your audience is ultimately out of your hands. According to a study, 41% of marketers admitted to struggling with maintaining control over their influencer campaigns.

Subtitle 3: The Primacy of Content Marketing

As the co-founder of Influence & Co., a content marketing company, I often find myself fielding questions about the distinction between content marketing and influencer marketing. It’s a question that deserves attention because it underscores the need for a clearer understanding of these two essential components of modern marketing.

In its simplest form, content marketing encompasses the content your company creates and strategically distributes to the right audience at the right time. In contrast, influencer marketing relies heavily on external partners to convey your brand’s message. Both content marketing and influencer marketing play crucial roles in reaching, engaging, and establishing trust with your target audience. However, I consistently advocate for prioritizing content marketing as the cornerstone of your strategy. Content provides the foundation upon which influencer campaigns can thrive effectively.

Subtitle 4: Owning Your Message

The most significant advantage of content marketing lies in the control it affords you over your brand’s messaging. Content created by your in-house team, whether it’s articles on your blog, infographics, videos, guest posts, or any other materials, is entirely owned by your company. This ownership grants you the freedom to use and repurpose the content as needed to align with your brand’s evolving objectives and strategies.

Conversely, influencer campaigns may feature your brand, but the control over content creation typically rests with the influencers themselves. They craft the message in formats they believe will resonate with their audiences. While you can provide input, the final product is largely outside your influence.

Subtitle 5: Strengthening Audience Relationships and Ensuring Long-Term Viability

While influencer marketing can enhance your brand’s credibility, the most authentic brand advocates are often found within your organization. External influencers may introduce your company to their audiences, but they are the ones who establish deeper relationships with your audience, not you. To address this, it’s essential to build your internal influence through thought leadership content.

Encourage employees from various departments within your organization to contribute ideas, develop content, and share it within their networks on behalf of your company. Each member of your team possesses access to followers who may be unaware of your brand, offering an excellent opportunity to expand your reach and cultivate stronger audience relationships. When content comes directly from your internal thought leaders, it reinforces your brand’s audience connections.

Furthermore, content marketing provides long-term viability. It enables you to create a repository of valuable content that addresses customer pain points, showcases your company culture, and aligns with your audience’s interests and needs. This long-term investment results in increasing returns as your brand’s authority grows.

As your brand accumulates a loyal following, diversifies its content offerings, and earns recognition over time, your audience will begin to associate your brand with trustworthiness and credibility. This achievement not only serves as a commendable goal in its own right but also has far-reaching benefits. You’ll find it easier to access future influencer marketing opportunities because you’ll possess influence of your own. Influencers, in particular, appreciate partners with a strong presence, and your content-driven influence positions you for more productive and lucrative collaborations.

In conclusion, while influencer marketing undoubtedly holds significant sway in today’s marketing landscape, it is essential to recognize that it’s not the be-all and end-all of establishing authority and reaching new audiences. The inherent lack of control in influencer campaigns necessitates a solid content marketing foundation. Content ownership, audience relationship strengthening, and long-term viability are all compelling reasons to prioritize content marketing as the cornerstone of your marketing strategy. By doing so, you set the stage for not only successful influencer campaigns but also sustainable growth and influence in the competitive world of marketing.

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