The Promising Path Ahead: React Native's Future in 2023
The Promising Path Ahead: React Native's Future in 2023

The Promising Path Ahead: React Native’s Future in 2023


In the dynamic world of technology, the mobile app market stands as a testament to the relentless pace of innovation. The year 2015 saw global mobile app revenues at $69.7 billion, but projections for 2020 set this figure at a staggering $188.9 billion. To meet the surging demand for high-quality mobile experiences, developers require tools capable of harnessing existing web codebases while targeting multiple mobile platforms, thus eliminating the need to create and maintain numerous mobile apps.

In 2015, React Native emerged as a game-changing solution for building mobile apps that rival those developed with platform-specific programming languages. This JavaScript framework adopts the same design philosophy as React, a beloved JavaScript library for crafting user interfaces, and garners support from Facebook and the broader developer community.

This article delves into the future of React Native, offering insights to developers questioning whether React Native is a lasting solution or just another fleeting JavaScript framework.

Growing Popularity

Investing time in learning a technology carries a risk when it might become obsolete soon after. However, a glance at Google Trends reveals that React Native’s popularity remains unwavering.

React Native is the choice of both Fortune 500 giants and ambitious startups, with notable adopters including:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Bloomberg
  4. Pinterest
  5. Skype
  6. Tesla
  7. Uber
  8. Walmart

GitHub statistics for React Native’s repository speak volumes. It boasts nearly 2,000 contributors who’ve committed code over 16,000 times across 72 branches, resulting in over 300 releases.

The Stack Overflow Developer Survey of 2018, which polled the developer community on various topics, revealed that React is the framework developers most desire to work with, if they aren’t already. It’s no surprise that React Native garners significant interest given React’s popularity.

Empowering the React Native Community

Facebook, the driving force behind React Native, actively encourages developers to engage with the framework’s development. Beyond this, Facebook has grand plans to bolster community support, allowing it to shape React Native’s destiny.

In January 2018, Facebook introduced the “react-native-releases” repository, enabling collaborative tracking of React Native’s new releases and fostering discussions about the content of each release.

In July of the same year, Facebook established a repository exclusively for discussions and proposals. This serves as a safe space for community members to spark meaningful conversations related to the primary React Native repository.

Facebook’s commitment to React Native’s future becomes evident when examining the three pivotal internal changes collectively referred to as “Fabric.” These changes are poised to reshape React Native’s future significantly:

  1. New Threading Model: The current threading model necessitates three separate threads for each UI update. A new threading model will revolutionize this, allowing synchronous JavaScript calls on any thread, ensuring responsiveness while relegating low-priority tasks off the main thread.
  2. Async Rendering Capabilities: To accommodate multiple rendering priorities and streamline asynchronous data handling, React Native will incorporate async rendering capabilities.
  3. Simplified Bridge: A redesigned bridge will enhance the efficiency of direct communication between native code and JavaScript, making it easier to develop various debugging tools.


All signs point to a promising future for React Native, from its thriving community to the ambitious plans of its core developers. Since its inception in 2015, React Native has evolved into the go-to framework for developers seeking to craft innovative apps and claim their share of the rapidly expanding mobile market. As we step into 2023, React Native’s trajectory appears brighter than ever.

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