Is Wix a Good Choice for SEO? Exploring Wix's SEO Features and Limitations
Is Wix a Good Choice for SEO? Exploring Wix's SEO Features and Limitations

Is Wix a Good Choice for SEO? Exploring Wix’s SEO Features and Limitations

When it comes to website builders and SEO, Wix has had its share of skepticism. Its journey from the launch in 2006 to its significant update in 2016 was marked by a lack of essential SEO functionalities, such as the ability to add alt text and modify URL structures. However, times have changed, and Wix has made substantial improvements in its SEO capabilities. Notably, it has enlisted the expertise of SEO professionals like Mordy Oberstein and Crystal Carter, who have championed the inclusion of more SEO features and better communication.

Back in 2019, we conducted a comprehensive study comparing Wix SEO to WordPress SEO, analyzing over 6.4 million websites. The findings indicated that, on average, more WordPress websites received organic traffic compared to Wix websites. However, it’s crucial to note that this disparity may not be attributed to the platforms themselves but rather to the website owners. On average, Wix users tend to be less tech-savvy and less knowledgeable about SEO compared to WordPress users, primarily due to the steeper learning curve associated with WordPress.

Wix SEO Challenges

While Wix has come a long way in improving its SEO capabilities, there are still a few minor issues that might deter serious SEO enthusiasts:

  1. Website Loading Speed: Website builders, including Wix, tend to load slower than websites built with custom code. This slowness is often caused by code bloat from features that may not be used. However, this issue is relatively minor, and Wix already performs well in Core Web Vitals compared to other content management systems (CMS).
  2. Multilingual Support: If you plan to publish content in multiple languages, Wix’s multilingual support might not be ideal. It offers limited control over the URLs for different language versions of your site, although improvements in this area are on the horizon.
  3. Limited Advanced SEO Control: Wix lacks some advanced SEO features, such as the ability to easily edit the auto-generated sitemap. Additionally, it generates cryptic file names for images, which can hinder ranking on Google Images.
Who Should Use Wix for SEO?

Wix’s SEO features can suffice for most website owners. It’s an excellent choice for:

  • Business Owners: If you want to focus more on running your business and less on building a complex website, Wix is a solid option.

Personally, I would opt for WordPress over Wix due to its extensive features and customizability. However, for less tech-savvy individuals or businesses looking for a user-friendly solution, Wix can be a suitable choice.

Tips to Optimize Your Wix Website for SEO

If you’ve decided to stick with Wix, here are five Wix-specific tips to ensure your website is search engine optimized:

1. Complete the Wix SEO Setup Checklist

Wix offers an intuitive SEO Setup Checklist. Access it through the Marketing & SEO page by clicking on “Get Found on Google.” Answer a few questions about your business and preferred keywords, then follow the checklist’s steps to optimize your website, starting with your homepage.

2. Set up Google Search Console and Analytics

Connect your website to Google Search Console (GSC) and Google Analytics (GA) to monitor rankings, indexation, and traffic. Use the SEO Setup Checklist to easily set up GSC and then link it to GA for deeper insights into your website’s performance.

3. Create Search-Optimized Content

Diversify your website content beyond basic pages like “About” and “Contact.” Craft service pages for local businesses and consider creating blog content targeting relevant keywords in your industry. Quality content is essential for SEO success.

4. Add Internal Links

Internal links from one page on your site to another can significantly impact your rankings. Highlight text and add links to relevant pages within your website. This internal linking strategy can improve your site’s visibility on search engines.

5. Schedule Regular SEO Audits

Regular SEO audits are crucial to maintaining and improving your website’s performance. Ahrefs Webmaster Tools can automate this process by providing a health score and identifying issues requiring attention. Be proactive in addressing SEO issues to ensure your site remains optimized.


While Wix may not offer the extensive features and customizability of platforms like WordPress, it is a viable website builder for SEO. Its user-friendly nature makes it an attractive option for individuals and businesses seeking a hassle-free web development experience. Whether you choose Wix or opt for more advanced solutions, like WordPress, committing to a content management system is a long-term decision. Make your choice wisely based on your specific needs and priorities in website development and SEO.

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