We discussed with Vivek Raina – VP, CTO, and Co-Founder at Foreignerds, which is a leading mobile app development company, and here is a glimpse of what he said about it.

  1. Let us know first, how are you and your family doing in this COVID-19 situation?

Vivek Raina: My mom got infected with the virus around 5 months ago. She suffered and was then hospitalized for approximately 20 days. When it comes to senior citizens, it takes some time to go.

That is my personal experience of Covid. Consequently, all well since then. We are taking all precautions as well as in-home lockdown.

  1. Let us know about you, your career, how you discovered Foreignerds.

Vivek Raina: I am a VP, CTO, and Co-Founder of Foreignerds. I have spent 15 years with the industry and realized the potentials through those times. Then, we mutually decided that it is time to do something better, and we boomed 6 years ago. Now, we are working with clients from most industries and putting value into their businesses.

  1. How do Foreignerds originate?

Vivek Raina: We originate through prerequisite and try to discover gaps that are time-taking, create problems, and go unnoticed. We try to tackle them through technological solutions and implementation of processes, and we have done that efficiently for ourselves and our customers for the long term.

  1. How the coronavirus pandemic influences your business, and how are you fighting with it?

Vivek Raina: Enormous. Since the local lockdown is here, we had to close offices and transformed our operations into a remote working environment, and that’s actually not so easy. In fact, we utilized tools and all the supports we could feasibly get to make it a clear transition. We have seen a little drop in Productivity when working from home, and anybody who tells you inversely is lying. Well, we’ve taken comprehensive measures to handle that, and that is where everyone cope is with organizations of our size. 6-7 hours spent on the phone, meetings, and every senior management staff.

  1. Have you taken a tough decision? If yes, then what are the lessons you learned?

Vivek Raina: Yes, we did. We’d to let individuals go because they couldn’t manage the culture of the work from home. We had to spend lots of time educating individuals and dealing with IT problems and Google Meet, or Zoom calls. We had to spend lots of funds on tracking, monitoring, and compliance tools, and we’ve accomplished some helpful insights on how to deal with the coronavirus pandemic and the new normal. When the Covid-19 surge begins and the lockdown starts, we have numerous troubles. Now, one year has been over with fighting these situations, and I must tell you that it has been very difficult to deal with it.

  1. What software, tools, and management capabilities are you utilizing to navigate this crisis?

Vivek Raina: Tools like Teramind, Microsoft Teams, OneSpan, ActivTrak, among usual suspects i.e. Jira, Slack, Bitrix, etc.

  1. Who are your main competitors? What is your strategy to stay in the competition?

Vivek Raina: We always try to compete with ourselves and try to make ourselves better from our past experiences and yearly outcomes. That’s what we trust as a company and as an organization. The web services and outsourcing space that we work in is an age-old business and you have to do things inversely and in a better approach to stay focused and be efficient. So, we don’t focus on what others are doing, but people do look at us!

  1. Your final thoughts?

Vivek Raina: We are known to be Foreignerds because we are a gang of nerds working from a foreign space, catering to our worldwide customers and offering great quality outsourcing services at affordable and moderate cost.

  1. Your website?


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