Top 5 SEO Techniques

Google has slowly creped up and becomes one of the most important parts of our lives. This search engine platform experiences more than 3.5 billion searches every day. If you want to make sure that visitors connect to your website, you have to play by the rules of Google. Also, if you want to be sure that the content is being used to the full of its capacity, it is time to improve your SEO efforts!

To do this, one of the most important steps is to know the SEO techniques meaning first.

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What are the SEO Techniques?

SEO techniques are nothing but the steps taken in order to improve the Search Engine Optimization for your business. By making small changes to the content of your website, you can see a certain increase in website traffic.

Let’s see how you can improve SEO in 2021 to ensure higher rankings –

  1. Select a Program to Integrate with Google Analytics

One of the best ways is to understand the way Google Analytics work. It is a helpful tool that understands the website and assists in making data-based decisions. Track metrics do not only help understand your ranking but your audience as well. These metrics include –

  • Browsers Used: Google Analytics is helpful in detecting the browsers used by your customers. It helps you improve the experience of customers as the focus is on designing the web for those particular browsers.

  • Devices Used: Just like browsers, if you know the most popular devices used by the customers, that would be helpful as well. Some sites focus on becoming web-friendly whereas some are more mobile-friendly. If you understand the metrics of the website, your content can be tailored accordingly.

  • Understand the Competition: Google Analytics help in providing insight into the competitor traffic. It will help you deal with the content and ways to outrank the competitors.

  • Traffic: Google Analytics will inform you about the place from which your website viewers are coming. If you use this data, it can be helpful in determining the social media platform used by those viewers to reach your website. It will help in investing in the right social media campaign.

  1. Identification of Low Performing Pages and Revamping the Content

Those content marketers who are able to develop high-ranking content know how to deliver engaging content. They follow the conversations and trends for new ideas. There is a content audit tool that can identify low-performing pages through some of the following data points –

  • Oldest pages
  • Minimal backlinks
  • The low number of shares
  • Low organic traffic
  • Low word count content

You can use these points to improve the content. If you create a content plan depending on the interest of the audience, you would be able to engage them.

  1. Primary and Relevant Secondary Keywords

One of the most important SEO techniques in digital marketing, keywords should always be carefully researched. They not only develop the framework for your content but also help you understand the requirement of your audience. If you are able to understand the keywords suitable for the target audience, you can develop an effective content strategy to boost SEO. But there should always be a balance between everyday language and keywords. The content should have a natural flow and not come across as forced. If you get indulged in keyword stuffing, that can be bad for your website.

  1. Diversify the Backlinks

This is one of the important off-page SEO techniques. Even if you have tick-marked all the on-page SEO steps, this strategy is still essential. Backlink diversity is related to two sources –

  • Type of Backlink: Backline can be a nofollow or do-follow. Dofollow generally has more weight.

  • Origination of Backlink: While promoting the content of your website, if you are targeting the publisher to run the story, the site which links your content would be considered the source of your backlink. If you want to find the right backlinks, you can always take the help of the backlinks analytics tool. This tool would help you identify the referral domains.

  1. Use Header Tags to Target the Snippets Featured by Google

It is another one of the important types of SEO techniques. While developing the content for your website, you have to be sure about the content structure of every page. The content of every page should be logically organized, i.e., the most important information should be on the top. Approximately 80% of readers decide if they want to continue reading at the top of the page. But Google does not categorize your content on that basis. It takes a look at the entire article. So, always lay out your page accordingly. If you want to get the most out of keywords, consider adding jump links to your top content. It makes the reading experience fun for your audience. It would also help you use the header tags creatively. Use header tags so that the search engines can understand the content better. They inform you about your content.

  1. Optimization of Images

Not a lot of users pay attention to images when it comes to boosting SEO. But if focused upon, image optimization can drive traffic to the website. Optimization of images helps improve the ranking and visibility of your website on Google.

Image optimization helps in –

  • Breaking the text stereotype
  • Aligning with the future goals of Google in terms of visual searching
  • Giving improved context to the content of your website
  • Allowing readers to understand the written content in a better way

Improve SEO Results

Content is now produced and published so quickly that search engines are working hard to rank every website on the internet. You cannot spin the SEO world towards your company overnight, but some adjustments would always go a long way. Use the right SEO techniques and tools to see your ranking improve every day. The SEO techniques 2021 by Foreignerds Inc. would definitely give your website the nudge it requires. Contact us today to know more!

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