Top Companies Utilizing Flutter in 2023: A Comprehensive Overview
Top Companies Utilizing Flutter in 2023: A Comprehensive Overview

Top Companies Utilizing Flutter in 2023: A Comprehensive Overview


Flutter, the open-source UI framework developed by Google, has been on a remarkable trajectory, with significant advancements and increased adoption throughout 2022. As we enter 2023, the Flutter community eagerly anticipates further growth and innovation. In this article, we’ll delve into the latest updates, statistics, and the top companies harnessing Flutter’s power to enhance their digital experiences.

Flutter’s Ascension in 2022

In 2022, Flutter achieved remarkable milestones that laid the foundation for its future success. During the Flutter Forward event earlier this year, several exciting announcements took center stage. Flutter 3.7 was unveiled, along with a sneak peek at Dart 3’s alpha preview. These developments served as a prelude to the promising year that 2023 would turn out to be. The release of the “Flutter 2023 Strategy” document bolstered confidence in Flutter’s future prospects.

As of January 2023, the Play Store boasts over 700,000 apps built with Flutter, marking a significant milestone. More strikingly, one in five new apps on the Play Store now utilizes Flutter, surpassing all other cross-platform frameworks combined. This data underscores Flutter’s escalating market share, especially when compared to the stagnant or declining trends witnessed in other cross-platform frameworks over the past year.

Companies Embracing Flutter in 2023

As Flutter continues its ascent, numerous companies have recognized its transformative potential for creating digital experiences across various platforms. Let’s explore some of the top companies harnessing the power of Flutter in 2023:

1. AWS Amplify

Amazon’s AWS Amplify made its debut on our list in 2021 when it announced General Availability for Amplify Flutter. Since then, the Amplify team has been diligently simplifying the integration of AWS services into Flutter applications across multiple platforms. A notable achievement is the release of Amplify Flutter v1.0.0, where all libraries have been entirely rewritten in Dart. This evolution underscores AWS Amplify’s commitment to providing Flutter developers with robust tools for multi-platform app development.

2. Rive

Rive is revolutionizing the way developers incorporate beautiful and performant animations into Flutter apps and other runtimes. Rive files optimize performance, are more compact than alternative formats like GIFs or videos, and offer fine-grained code control for customization. Moreover, Rive’s web and desktop editors are built using Flutter, enabling creators to craft and tailor animations efficiently. Notable applications, such as the Flutter Forward Holobooth, showcase the impressive animated avatars and backgrounds created with Rive.

3. Serverpod

Serverpod, a scalable app server built with Dart, offers a comprehensive backend solution. It supports features like ORM, caching, file uploads, authentication, data streaming, and Docker container deployment. With the burgeoning Flutter ecosystem, tools like Serverpod are expected to aid Flutter developers in expanding their backend development capabilities, much like the lightweight tool Dart Frog.

4. Shorebird

Shorebird, led by Flutter co-founder Eric Seidel, is committed to providing solutions that empower businesses to succeed with Flutter. Currently, they are developing a code push solution, allowing teams to deliver over-the-air updates swiftly. This innovation could be a game-changer, facilitating rapid app updates and fixes, thereby enhancing the user experience—a feature highly anticipated by the Flutter community.

5. SNCF Connect

SNCF Connect, the official app for SNCF railways in France, is a testament to Flutter’s capabilities. Millions of users rely on it for ticket booking and travel information. The app’s development journey involved consolidating separate mobile teams into a unified codebase and optimizing the testing pipeline with tools like Very Good CLI. SNCF Connect exemplifies how Flutter can streamline mobile app development for large-scale enterprises.

6. Wolt

Wolt, operating in 23 countries, enables users to place orders and receive deliveries from various establishments. Their Flutter-powered app for retail and restaurant partners exemplifies how Flutter can expedite app development. Within just seven weeks, Wolt’s engineering team created the first version of their app, opting for Flutter over native or React Native development.

7. AppFlowy

AppFlowy, a productivity app, empowers users to take notes, track projects, and customize their experience using Flutter and Rust. The app’s code is entirely open source, fostering collaboration and innovation in the Flutter community.

8. ClickUp

ClickUp, a robust productivity tool, streamlines project planning and management through integrations and automations. Simon Leier, a Software Engineer at ClickUp, has provided insights into their CI/CD processes for the Flutter app, showcasing how Flutter contributes to efficient development workflows.

9. Credit Agricole Bank Polska

Credit Agricole Bank Polska partnered with LeanCode to develop a mobile banking application, CA24. Over 200 team members, including 30 Flutter developers, collaborated to create an app offering features like bank activity management, savings account access, and biometric authentication. This demonstrates Flutter’s relevance in the financial services sector.

10. Sonos

Sonos, a well-known audio equipment manufacturer, integrated Flutter into their app, allowing users to control Sonos devices within their homes. This move exemplifies how companies can adopt Flutter to enhance existing apps, obviating the need for a complete rebuild.

11. Tide

Tide, a UK-based fintech company, leverages Flutter for its mobile app. This app offers banking services tailored for small and medium businesses, including expense management and invoice payments. Tide’s Flutter-based solution exemplifies the platform’s versatility in diverse industries.

12. Invertase

Invertase focuses on building tools that enhance developer efficiency. Their work on FlutterFire plugins, connecting Flutter apps with Firebase services, has been instrumental. Additionally, tools like Melos, Zapp!, and the new in-browser Flutter sandbox cater to developers’ needs. Invertase’s commitment to nurturing Flutter talent is evident through their Flutter & Dart Internship Program.

13. Square

Square offers two first-party Flutter SDKs that simplify connecting apps to Square’s payment services. The Flutter plugins for Reader SDK and In-App Payments SDK enable seamless payment integration. Square’s comprehensive documentation and example apps facilitate developers in leveraging these popular payment tools effectively.

14. Tizen

Tizen, known for its open-source packages, is championing Flutter’s expansion into devices powered by Tizen. This includes smartwatches, TVs, and IoT devices, illustrating how Flutter’s portability appeals to diverse industries.

15. Twilio

Twilio, a communication tools provider, assists businesses in connecting with customers through text, voice, and video. Flutter developers can access Twilio’s services using third-party packages like twilio_programmable_video and twilio_programmable_chat. Twilio’s offerings align seamlessly with Flutter’s capabilities, making communication integration straightforward.

16. Widgetbook

Widgetbook, a custom widget library designed for Flutter applications, streamlines widget management and previewing across different devices. This tool is invaluable for teams collaborating on design and development, enhancing communication among developers, designers, and project managers.


As we enter 2023, Flutter’s promising trajectory continues to capture the attention of developers and companies worldwide. With remarkable statistics, significant updates, and a growing ecosystem, Flutter is positioned to reshape the future of app development. The companies mentioned in this article serve as testament to Flutter’s versatility

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