A study conducted in 2019 that approximately 4% of businesses in the USA have their voice search ready and, are on their way, to perfecting the voice search SEO.

Considering the fact that around 40% of people depend on voice search on a daily basis if a business is not ready, it may result in a downfall.   Right from the inclusion of keyword phrases that suit voice queries to knowing the process of approaching local SEO, a few changes in your marketing strategy can result in a lot of positive results.

Voice Search

Voice recognition technology allows people to search for something in their device through speaking. Devices can range from smartphones to laptops. The queries in Google voice search have increased a lot and it is important to realize their importance in your marketing strategy.

Importance of Voice Search for Business

Voice search has a direct effect on the digital marketing strategy, which has a direct effect on the company’s success. So, that means voice search plays a pivotal role in the company’s success. Its positive or negative impact completely depends on the way you incorporate your marketing techniques.

Google voice search is now a trending concept and businesses need to adapt this concept in the ever-changing digital world. Voice search SEO improves the experience of every user that wants fast and convenient results. If the content on your website is optimized, it would be the first result Google Voice search gives.

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Tips for Successful Voice Search SEO in 2021

It is believed by a lot of people that voice search is changing the face of digital marketing for the better. There are some ways voice search affects optimization –

  • Importance of authoritative and informative content
  • Conversational language use
  • Conversion of text search into huge question queries
  • Focus on featured snippets

The main difference between voice and text searches is that the language of conversation changes. For example, you would type “best car service Memphis nyc” and when you search through voice, you would say “Hey, Google, what are the best car services in Memphis, New York?”. Conversation is the basis of every voice search so the website content should be in a conversational tone.

Keyword stuffing is not the right way to go. It would not do you any good unless you are putting it to create readable and meaningful content. Voice search users always ask for something really specific and short keywords like “car service” or “best restaurant” would not help you stay on the top. Primary keywords should always be long and to the point.

Ways to Optimize Website through Voice Search

As already stated above, voice search is characterized by questions. So, your content has to fulfill this requirement for a successful marketing strategy. The ways to do so are –

  • Targeting long-tail keywords
  • Using natural and conversational language –
  • Providing exact answers to all the questions
  • Thinking about the intention of every user
  • Ensuring that the website is secure, fast, and mobile-friendly
  • Focusing on action queries
  • Tightening up of local SEO
  • Forming queries in question phrase manner
  • Making sure that the Google My Business profile section is filled out properly

If a voice search user is looking for something specific on Google Home, Google would always pull out the content that it thinks would suit the best. When your audience is looking for a local provider for any particular service, the results would be focused and dependent on three factors –

  • Distance: Proximity between your listing and the user who is searching for it
  • Prominence: If the location is well-known and searched commonly
  • Relevance: The accuracy between the local listing and the user’s search

Why SEO Strategy Has to be Top-Notch?

Approximately 50% of people prefer mobile-friendly websites. If their favorite brand does not have a website that can be operated on the phone, they’d rather find another place to shop.

Around 91% of people have already prioritized their speed and need. If the app does not satisfy their need, they would navigate somewhere else.

61% of people are not hesitant to move on. If they don’t find what they are looking for within a few minutes, they would jump to the next site.

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