Social Media Marketing for Business

Social media marketing is a powerful tool for every business to reach the target audience in real-time. Remember, your prospective customers are already in contact with many brands on social media and if you are not trying to reach them, then you are missing out on a big opportunity!

Digital marketing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram are where you would find everyone today. Once you start your social marketing campaign, observe the success, driving sales, and new leads.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Before finding out the right ways of marketing on digital platforms and finding out the best Chrome extensions for social media marketers, let’s find out what is exactly social media marketing.

Social media marketing involves the creation and sharing of content on different networks to achieve branding and marketing goals. It includes different activities like posting images and texts, videos, and other content that helps achieve audience engagement.

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5 Pillars for Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing stands on the basis of 5 core pillars that make it strong and effective, even in the long run.

  • Strategy – The first step towards successful social media is a strategy.

    • What are your business goals and how would you be able to achieve them?
    • Which social media platforms do you want to focus on the most?
    • Which kind of content would you like to share?

To make sure that your strategy is up to the mark, your outsourcing company would give you a step-by-step guide and assist you every step of the way.

  • Planning and Execution – Publishing your content on social media is really simple. But it is still important to plan the content that you are going to post. Creating and posting content on the spot would not be as successful as planned content. There are different tools and techniques available in the market to help you publish the content at the right time.

  • Engagement and Listening – When your business starts to grow, conversations about it would also increase. People would message you directly, leave a comment on your posts, and share them on their own social media platforms. As a business owner, you would always want to keep track of these things, improve the performance and attract customers. Different listening and engagement tools for social media are available through which you can keep track of the engagement of customers.

  • Analysis – Keeping a check on the performance is really crucial for every business. Social media platforms provide basic information about the number of people reaching you, positive feedback in a month, and the use of your brand’s hashtag on social media. For in-depth information, you can use social media analytics tools.

  • Advertisement – Ads on social media allow you to reach a wider target audience. This advertising platform is really powerful and you can create a target audience on the basis of interest, behavior, and demographic.

Different Social Media Platforms

  • Facebook – It requires an active social media strategy. Facebook is a relaxed and user-friendly space so keep the conversation as casual as you want.

  • Twitter – It lets you broadcast updates across the web. The words are limited so make sure they are as efficient as possible. Also, Twitter is a communication network so try to interact as much as possible.

  • Instagram – The most sought to platform today, this is where you should invest. The place lets you post anything you want. With the use of the right hashtags, you can reach a wide range of audiences within days.

Best Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketers

To make social media marketers more efficient, productive, and smart, here are the top 10 Chrome extensions for social media marketers. You can make Google quicker and optimize the work by adding them –

  • StayFocused
  • Momentum
  • Diigo Web Collector
  • Google Analytics URL Builder
  • Ghostery
  • SpyFlu
  • Canva
  • Figure it Out
  • WhatFont
  • Unsplash Instant

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